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  1. Congratulations Lou
  2. Thanks... Making the most of them, cos I'm running out of them Nice of you to take the time to put up a wee message... Thanks, again
  3. Best of luck Brandon.....hope you stay safe, wherever they put you...
  4. Great photos' Tankus :beer: That's one scary pass... the roadside must be dropping off bit by bit with all that rain and the pounding from those trucks.... reminded me of a coach trip in Greece... Nice views from the roadside... all the way doooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn!! ...
  5. Doug Allen on a 3 year commission to film the snow leopards... tough job
  6. Great views... just watching David Attenborough there on the Beeb just now
  7. As it says on the label..... Happy Birthday Tankus Have a great day... yer one o' the best
  8. Ditto.... don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing for me or you Wigan
  9. Happy Birthday Flying Caveman Have a great day :beer:
  10. Happy Birthday houmamiss Have a special day
  11. Don't know much about it.... but did find this undertakerPOH... quote from here...privacy rights... I know the rest of the article gives advice not unlike that which you've tried already but just thought it answered the ... 'Is there anything I can buy?' question sorry I can't be more help
  12. Cheers andsome... was wondering what was happenin'
  13. Happy Birthday NewYorker4ever Have a good un
  14. Happy Birthday Redcow Happy Birthday Wilhoite Have a great day both ya
  15. I would say that, as long as adequate notice of change of contract is given, it's a yes... This would have to involve a change in responsibilities, shift structure or job description... normally, though, your wages would need to be phased down over 3 years or so... They could just make the position redundant and have you re-apply for the new position at lower rate.. If no change in any of the above, I would say no...
  16. Welcome home moon ... things were hot here as well
  17. ... Have a great trip Rev... bring some british summer clothes with ya
  18. Stop whining Hurdy Gurdy and just clean your room Disclaimer :- No elephants were hurt in the making of this post...
  19. Cheer up .... you look better already
  20. :welcome: impact... enjoy agree with Bruce... font's made an impact.... albeit a small one
  21. Great post Chengrob.... .. My concern with M$ is that, I really feel, that they think they are so big and hence can do whatever they like... Everywhere I go, it's M$ that I see being used... It would have to take a really big swing to dethrone them, I mean.. I share the feelings of your friend and many, many others about them but it doesn't alter the fact they are still 'monopolising'... Edit..sp
  22. Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman... Thank you for using El Al... You may wish to note that there may be turbulance along the route, so wearing your seatbelt is recommended at all times... Please note the exits from this thread are here ----> <--- and here... May I take this opportunity to remind posters that smoking is prohibited although people fuming may be witnessed...and no hi-jacking will be permitted either... (except for this announcement) Please respect other passengers at all times... Thank You for you co-operation, have a nice day Sorry guys... back to the thread, just trying to inject some humour
  23. Sorry to hear your night was ruined duanester... can't understand this ID thingy, liability thingy... Seems there is no room for common sense to prevail on these things over there
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