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  1. Mine?... When a certain GoogleDoc libelled DD and Laurel and Hardy appeared with a mission, seeemingly, then disappeared just as quickly.... job done
  2. Another round of HJT forum bashing?... been a while since the last one for my part... when I was dabbling in HJT at this forum, there was usually only me, Jacee and occasionally Imp and Y Kawika( who had already done their fair stint of log readings).. I always felt like there could be more help but not a lot was forthcoming... Read 'lack of member interest' Personally I think it's great that we are getting more and more recognised HJT helpers up there and I'm glad to see that they went through with the full training. I couldn't care less if they came from other forums etc... The point is they are willing to help out here and elswhere and, believe me, that takes a lot of ones time.. I understand people's frustration at not being able to help, when they clearly feel they can, but I don't think that feeling is as strong as is being made out in this thread... Jacee has ran the HJT area almost single handidly at times (with due respect to Radio et al) and I feel she should be getting plaudits from the owners of this site and not brickbats from its members.. keep up the good work Jacee!! just my tuppence
  3. Zidane tells his side of the story... well almost...
  4. Enjoy the party one2 :beer: Italy stole the game and played for penalties even against ten men .... but great penalties they all were, cool and clinical... any team beating the French has to be a good thing
  5. Agassi's last match today... beaten by Nadal.... oh well, sad day... in some ways oh yeah Brazil 0-0 France half time
  6. Keep them for Tim Henman Jazzy... oops ...no use there either...
  7. I've put the kiss of death on everyone I've picked.... so now I'm going for Germany
  8. Not that strong Intra...but it covers it s'pose
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