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  1. I do get a notification pop-up from my antivirus software saying the site isn't safe, blah, blah! I allow it but still the website shows the 403 error after allowing it. I also have Windows Firewall enabled but don't see any issues from that either. I'm just puzzled because it's only affecting my 2 laptops now.
  2. Sorry about that! My browsers are Firefox/SeaMonkey & Google Chrome only. I don't use IE at all anymore. My OS are Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit. The 2 laptops are both 64-bit machines. Thanks!
  3. I think calling them now is a good idea. This is the only filehosting site that I can't access to download files. It's odd but it's affecting all our PC's so something fishy is going on. Doesn't seem like a malware thing to me! Has to be Charter blocking it but WHY this one site? Weird for sure! I'll post back with results from the call later. Thanks for replying! Edit: Called Charter. Done the usual things like resetting modem & coaxil cable. This worked in fixing the desktop PC in the 403 forbidden error but didn't for the laptops in the home. Still getting the 403 forbidden errors f
  4. I'm not having issues when downloading files from other filehosting sites. Why this one site? I have Charter Communications as my ISP. However, why wouldn't they block access to other similar filehosting sites as well? Thanks!
  5. Hello fellow members here at PCPitstop. I'm having problems with 403 forbidden errors from one particular website when trying to download files. It's the only one that's giving me problems too. I've tried numerous things to correct the problem. I've cleared cache, browsing history, cookies, a few other things. The website is https://www.mediafire.com/ I've also tried logging into mediafire from my account as well but that helps nothing. I can visit the website just fine but when it comes to downloading files & I mean ANY files they won't work & display the 403 Forbidden error from
  6. Hey guys! I have a Ubee router(DDW3611). I've looked into the router's VPN capabilities. VPN is supported with this router model. IPSec,PPTP,& LT2P are all supported types of VPN services. I'm trying to decide which VPN service provider to go with. I know HMA(HideMyA**) is one of the top ones. I emailed them about my router & they said I still need a DD-WRT compatible FW router. My particular model of router isn't in the official database of routers that can be flashed with DD-WRT FW. What are my real options here? They said even though it's not in the database it doesn't mean it
  7. I know it's been a while since posting back but my CHKDSK problem has never went away. However, the PC still goes on strong with no other problems! Weird! Thanks!
  8. No, this was a step provided from the link posted by Doug! It's one of the steps to get rid of possible corrupt files in the this folder. I have seen no chat of malware hiding in this folder in any sites I visited but it's still a possibility I guess. Microsoft has contacted me since with some help but deleting this folder which some sites say rename to .old seems to have fixed the problem. However, that doesn't mean that some type malware might not be involved but numerous scans revealed nothing. Thanks!
  9. Got things back to normal for now! I finally was able to delete the Software Distribution folder in Safe Mode. I then restarted Windows normally & visited Windows Update to get the scan to work normally. This did take away all the update history but at least it doesn't take away previous updates like with a fresh install of the OS. I am hoping things are now back to normal. Thanks guys!
  10. I'm just gonna send Microsoft an email for help since it's free for Windows Update problems. I have tried numerous things from the link without any luck. I can't even get the AU service to stop on the PC. I am getting error messages even for this attempt.
  11. Removing Windows Defender didn't work either. I'll check the link posted by Doug! Thanks!
  12. I don't know what's going on here with the Windows Update problem! I can't get it to work from the site period. I am getting no tray notifications for my Windows Defender database. I do know that I received the August critical updates from system tray notification. Also, I have received Windows Defender updates a couple times since that from the tray balloon. Something has happened recently but I have no clue as to what. I have no reports of infections from scans for both viruses & malware either. It looks to be something corrupted somewhere. Thanks!
  13. Already tried that a couple times. I have tried both "Custom" & "Express" a few times without any luck. Things were working just fine with notifications of updates until the past couple weeks. Again, I wouldn't even have noticed if not for noticing I hadn't received an update for Windows Defender lately. I then go to Microsoft Update to find out that there is hanging from the green scrollbar screen. Geez! What a bummer! The wonderful world of PC's!
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