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  1. Hmmm, your list of names is all cool with me... except one, of course.
  2. Yeah, before I was more educated about marijuana I believed that "contact highs" were real, too. They're not.
  3. Yikes. Now I know why I don't come to "I-Take-Myself-Too-Seriously-Land" too much anymore.
  4. Me too Jacee... a male Scots accent is sooo sexy!
  5. Well, I went out and had enchiladas and smothered them in sour cream, so I feel better. I think Invision would have thrown up if I'd eaten that tub of sour like it was a pint of ice cream.
  6. I heard pregnant women have weird cravings, but whoa... I got a craving earlier for an entire 16 oz. cup of sour cream. Came thiiiiiis close to actually getting a spoon and going for it. I'm starting to scare myself.
  7. I'm not comfortable with anyone looking at my information. Wiretaps? Get outta here! When it costs any of us our essential freedoms to stop terrorism, that's when Mr. Bush has to take a step back and look at the Bill of Rights, which he so blithely ignores.
  8. Wow girl... you always say everything so well. :beer:
  9. Pork... please don't get banned. I like a lot of your ideas... ...but we do have to respect other people's religions even if we completely disagree...
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