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    AMD 2500+M @ 2.63Ghz (12.5*211) 36C idle 43C load<br>1 Gig of pc 2700 (211mghz runnning dual channel)<br>40 gig 7200rpm primary<br>80 gig 7200rpm slave<br>Asus A7N8X Delux mobo<br>Liteon Dvd Burner<br>Saphire 9800pro<br>19" flatscreen<br>430w antec powersupply lian li pc65 all aluminum case w/ 5 case fans.
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  1. why would you buy an intel board anyways?
  2. cpc override has to do with ram allocation I think.....either way you dont need to mess with it. I always keep my agp at 66mghz so on yours:63.88/31.94mhz running your system will burn it in....dont mess with the settings in bios....just run prime for 24hrs if you really want to burn it in and make sure its stable.....use blend mode.
  3. very true....create the hype to draw attention....it gives all parties included more exposure. In either case competition helps us all as consumers....you cant have just AMD or INTEL w/o trouble.
  4. longer wider pipeline can handle more instructions simultaniously while a shorter narrower one cannot.....and the obvious hyperthreading technology. If you cant compare 32bit p4's to AMD's 64 bit chips then why are they doing it in the link I posted above as well as at many other places?
  5. intel has to run faster speeds because of its long wide pipeline....this is why it can multi-task well because of the long wide pipeline. amd runs on a shorter more narrow pipeline which is why it doesnt need as much speed to perform as much if not more in some apps than intel. Here read the conclusion then check the benchmarks for yourself...AMD rulez
  6. cpu magazine had a article on dual cores stating that it would be at the end of 05 at the earliest if not 06....intel still doesnt have a 64bit out....and what of windoes xp64?
  7. Prescott=overheating,throttling desperate attempt from Intel to keep up with AMD. They cant even keep them cool.
  8. It all pretty much needs to be correct or it wont boot....I'd guess that your yellow light is indicating that it is not wired properly....also does your mobo beep at all when you go to turn it on?
  9. wow....either way those are some insane scores!
  10. its the only place i order parts from as well....Very fast shipping as well.
  11. I think a socket 939 is a wiser buy at the moment over a 754.
  12. 50c and 1.7v seem to be the rule of thumb. (for the 939 winchester) On the 3000 amd has 3 different cores...newcastle,clawhammer, or winchester. for overclocking the winchesters seem to be doing very well with the 3000's reaching 2.6 pretty regularly and as high as 2.8 on air.
  13. very nice setup indeed! :welcome:
  14. D:\WINDOWS\System32\nvsvc32.exe NVIDIA driver helper D:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Antivir ... \AVENGINE.EXE D:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Antivir ... \PavFires.exe D:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Antivir ... \pavsrv51.exe D:\WINDOWS\System32\Wintab32.exe test w/o these background apps running. good looking setup btw.
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