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  1. I'll tell you this much. If they do allow same sex marriages in the states they might as well just take "In God we trust" off their money. Because it is meaningless for them to do so.
  2. Ummm Drovers Dog I'm not the one with the problem. And I was refering to me not seeing a tab for burning Video's and Pictures ..... but in the sub-tab it will only burn VCD or SVCD files. I know of the regular burn ISO feature and have no problem using it. I have never seen burn Video's and Pictures with a sub tab of VCD's and SVCD files. I don't have this wizard enabled is this a feature of it? EDIT: Ahhh I see what he's talking about. He's using Nero Express. Don't select Videos/Pictures use Data then Data Disk.
  3. I have Nero 5.5 and see no such option
  4. One way would be to share that folder over the network. Another more secure way is to install an ftp server. As for obtaining a domain name you most likely have to pay for. There are some free ones but none I know of that give you .com or .org, ect... cjb.net is good for static ip's and dyndns.org is good for dynamic ip's.
  5. Also. Click Start then Control Panel. Open Administrative Tools and open Services. Make sure these programs are started. Computer Browser DHCP Client Distributed Link Tracking Client (If your using NTFS) Network Location Awareness Server SSDP Discovery Service ??Wireless Zero Configuration(Not sure if this is needed)
  6. Ahhh well you should change anywhere we mentioned Local Area Connect to Wireless Network Connection. hehe forgot you said you were running wireless router.
  7. 1. File print sharing Start>Connect to>Show all connections. Right click on Local Area Connection> Properties... General Tab. 2. Turn On NetBIOS over TCP/IP Start>Connect to>Show all connections. Right-click Local Area Connection>Properties... General Tab>Click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click Properties. Click the General tab, and then click Advanced. Click the WINS tab. Under NetBIOS setting, click Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP, and then click OK two times. Click Close to close the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box. Close the Network Connections window.
  8. 5. NetBIOS over TCP/IP is not turned on (enabled)
  9. Also check this http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...0&Product=winxp
  10. Additionally if you have any other firewalls either disable or configure them. (IE. AlarmZone, Norton Internet Security, Neowatch, ect...) You may also have a firewall installed in your router.
  11. Have you done what Newdles has said yet?
  12. Do you have any firewalls active? If so give them permission to access each other over the LAN
  13. Ooops. My bad. Most newer systems when you boot them up you hold the delete key to access bios. I think it's safe to assume that it's the delete key(Other posibilities are F1, end or some other F# key) It should be displayed as it boots. Press <key> to enter bios, setup Where exactly they are located I'm not too sure. They could be under Main(as it is for my bios), Advanced (where S.M.A.R.T. is on my old pc) or Features Setup if you have that one. I could look it up but I'm too lazy . But it would not suprise me if it was the board itself. The harddrives also play a role in it. Do you know what speed they are? 5400rpm's are fairly slow. *Note I run NTFS on my new pc and my drives check out fine. Edit: some extra info SMART Monitoring [Disabled] This field allows you to enable or disable the S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) system that utilizes internal hard disk drive monitoring technology. This parameter is normally disabled because the resources used in the SMART monitoring feature may decrease system performance. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled] Ultra DMA Mode [Disabled] Ultra DMA capability allows improved transfer speeds and data integrity for compatible IDE devices. Set to [Disabled] to supress Ultra DMA capability. To make changes to this field, set the Type field to [user Type HDD]. Configuration options: [0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [Disabled]
  14. Shutting those programs down will do little if anything to improve disk access performance. Do you have S.M.A.R.T. Enabled? Or do you have Ultra DMA enabled in bios? I have a board from the same Manufacture with just as bad problems which also looks like the board too. My pcchips board
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