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  1. I haven't reinstalled windows in a year and a half and that was only because of a new hard drive, never had to fix or repair windows since then either.
  2. Yeah but will i run into any stability issues?
  3. Hi, I have just built a pc but the motherboard needs a 24pin psu and the case only came with a 20 pin psu, i plugged it in and it booted up ok but is it ok to run the pc like this, any info would be great. Its an AM2 4200, 1gb of ram and its onboard graphics, theres no pci or pci-express devices. Thanks
  4. Lol, got the car cheap from my brothers friend so saved money on it that way, i was driving my mums 1 litre micra for a few months but it was rubbish, this car of mine is brilliant, has everything i want, abs, power steering, electric windows, remote locking, traction control, sports suspension and seats, its such a comfy car, very quiet aswell, i love it
  5. Lucky you for your insurance, my insurance is costing me £300 a month or so which totals to about £3700 including the deposit, i am 18 and just bought an Astra 1.8 16v sport, thats fully comp in my own name.
  6. Passed mine 3 months and getting my own car tonight, pics will come later
  7. is that the final stable release on the ftp thats being released tomorow?
  8. Not really, its perfectly fine here. What errors is it giving you when you try to play online, can you play online without the router with just the modem just to rule out anything on your pc. You may been to forward some ports on your router this is what i got from google, try forwarding those ports on your router to your lan IP, also see if you can configure a static ip through your router for your lan ip, it makes things much easier in the future, your router manual will tell you how to forward ports. http://www.gameconfig.co.uk/showdetail.asp?id=43
  9. There was a film about that wasnt there?
  10. If someone uses their notebook on their lap then there is usually no way to get heat out of the system, sometimes there are side vents but even still the majority of ventilation is blocked, not letting heat out brings the temperature of the entire laptop up which lncludes the battery. Notebooks arnt meant to be used on soft surfaces, eg your lap, it says so in your instruction manual.
  11. I think there should be a ban of all laptop batteries on planes, most people misuse laptops by resting them on their knees which is a serious fire hazard especially when the battery is charging and is getting very warm, its also a cause of laptops dieing.
  12. When i am building a pc the most important factor is ti not restrict air flow, so do not cover any fans or vents, any spare cables i usually put behind the motherboard tray, if you have a window try running cables along the top or the bottom of the case where people can not see them
  13. Pretty sure some people do, its what is installed by default on windows me isnt it? the average user wont even bothered installing security updates nevermind updating their browser, i would say there are people out there usuing it as i see windows ME machines and 98 machines quite alot.
  14. Passed my driving test today Third time lucky, im sooo glad its all over with the nerves the last few days have been killing me, now to spend all my money on a car and insurance
  15. If you have any chance of keeping it cheap you will have to buy second hand, buying new you are looking at prices such as £300 for a board, £200 for a screen etc, obviously depending on the laptop, seen boards cheaper seen some more expensive, things to try and fix your current one would be, without the battery, without hard drive and without cd drive, try diff ram, try different power supply, different cpu, if your up to it, check out the dc socket, check the solder points to make sure they are fine, sometimes they come loose, if it has you can try resoldering it or replacing it.
  16. They dont have pins But im pretty sure they are both lga775 although i think you have to make sure the chipset supports them as some of them dont. Hmm maybe i was wrong, i think core duo is socket 478 and core 2 duo is lga775
  17. Just had a quick look (in work) and some people are saying you need to use the official headphones from motorola or you wont get stereo, i imagine they are over priced and crap but better than mono im sure. I also had a look for an adapter but cant seem to find one that will work 100%
  18. What phone have you got? For my brother to use stereo headset her had to buy a cheap adapter off ebay for a few pounds. Also most phones will put out stereo but they usually are a longer connection, because they also have the function for a microphone which might be why yours isnt working.
  19. hmmm, interesting, ill see what sort of funds i have.
  20. Nice one, how much and do you accept buttons?
  21. Oh cool, where can i get one and how much
  22. Sure ya did, i seen the post when you made that image
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