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  1. Like people have said, a computer running at stock speeds, especially something like a dell which has been tested it should be fine, but since it is pretty old it has to have collected some dust, just clear out any dust that is on the cpu heat sink or any intake/exhaust fans then you shouldn't run into any problems with it.
  2. My oldest http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=7198944 Hasn't improved much now though, this is the system im still using. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=8688380
  3. Which is newer, which reads faster, do you need to write two cds at once? do you even need two optical drives, you might find you can remove both and just use a dvd-rw drive.
  4. Bubba

    No signal

    Ive seen that problem a few times and most of the time reseating the cpu will sort it, since this is a new build i dont know if this will work or not, best thing to try is to strip everything down to the bare minimum, unplug all optical drives and hard drives, pci devices etc, thats including power to the devices aswell, just leave the motherboard, psu, cpu, ram and graphics card connected up, also the cpu fan of course.
  5. Hi zmike, here is the motherboard information and it lets you know what cpu you can upgrade to and other information. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...1795&dlc=en
  6. Try taking the battery out then putting the ac power in and see if it will turn on, also if it has WWW buttons or wifi buttons, sometimes they will power a laptop on if the power button wont, check the dc jack at the back with a pen to see if it wiggles about, it shouldn't move much if it at all.
  7. But each one is an entire new game, each as long as the one before, i shouldn't have said expansion, its more like the next one in the series just, but they get better and better. Its also much better than £10 a month to play wow.
  8. I played the wow trial and didn't like it at all, not to mention the graphics were horrible, guildwars is a very good game and looks very nice also, its updated constantly and the plan is to bring out a new expansion out every 6 months, so the fun will never end and its only about £18, plus if your lazy you can buy the expansions through the game with a credit card and get them instantly.
  9. When in disk management, are you sure it dosent show up at the bottle of the screen where it lists the physical drives, if its coming up in device manager it should come up here, sounds to me like the partition has some how got deleted. There are tools to recover partitions but i dont know how good they are.
  10. Bubba


    I am certinly looking forward to it, i purchased a 360 on a release and was instantly disapointed by its lack of visual performance, both in looks and frames per second, it lacked in both in lots of games i played, im looking forward to the wii because i think it will be a very good console with the motion sensor controls and i think the graphics will enough to keep me playing for hours, im going to pre order mine some time this week along with zelda
  11. Seems like a codec problem to me, try reinstalling divx codecs, also try a different player, something vlc player to see if they work fine in that, media player classic is also a good one to use.
  12. The username will be Administrator and password is usually blank, in windows xp pro (not sure about media center) but while at the logon screen you can press ctrl alt delete twice to bring you to a logon prompt and log into the administrator account that way, if not just do it in safe mode and it should work fine.
  13. I believe when you run video files and things like that it "speeds" up your pc clock and makes your time go faster, i had the problem a while ago and thought nothing of it, but then after changing motherboard, psu and cpu, i thought hmm, somethings up, so i modified the registry and made it sync every 3 hours and havent had a problem since (Y) Indys link has everything you need.
  14. Does it only happen in this application, what about other video files, ones that arnt mounted in deamon tools, maybe its the application thats casuing the problem, or the codecs, or even deamon tools although unlikely.
  15. I smoked it for a couple of years when i was 14, when i stopped for the next 6 months or so i kept getting dizzy spells and was forgetting alot of stuff, grades in school started falling aswell, havent touched the stuff in years now and im not saying i wouldnt touch again, im sure i would but i wouldnt be smoking it, also about wether it should be legal or not, i have no idea.
  16. Corpg is more or less the same as mmorpg but in corpg instead of having one big world were everyone plays, you meet up in towns and choose a party, up to 8 people, then you enter missions or into the proper world and its just your party without anyone else to mess about with you or steal all your kills etc, i think this is one of the reasons why you dont have to pay monthly since the server load is probably alot less. Id reccomend guildwars since its only about £20 to buy, id buy the first one (prophecies) as there are is more gameplay to it, factions can be completed pretty fast but prohpecies will take a few weeks.
  17. Im a guildwars fan here, new one comes out in a few weeks, cant wait. Good thing abotu guildwars is that you dont have to pay monthly like other mmorpgs(although technically guildwars isnt an mmorpg its a corpg)
  18. Boards are doa more than you would think, with the heat change during transport the boards go through some expanding and contracting which can elad to a doa board, seen alot of them in work, i would try psu first though, had a pc in the other day and tried everything and finally decided to try new psu and it worked a charm.
  19. I have to agree, ive installed a few of them and none of them have went easy, damn things. Have you connected both power connectors to the motherboard?
  20. Like amdx said, id drop down to on board graphics, but i would look into a bigger monitor, 15" are very small, it isnt much more for a 17" and im sure he will appreciate it, also i find that systems run pretty well with 256mb of ram if its just word processing and Internet browsing. Will he need to burn Cd's for backup? if so just go for the combo drive and no additional CD drive, i find most people never use the second drive and its just a waste of money, but motherboard sounds fine and so does CPU, celerons are the cheapest currently i believe ( here anyway), also i see your using twinmos ram, I'm sure its a few quid more than say unbranded oem ram i have used unbranded ram in many pcs and found them to perfectly stable running days on end with no problems.
  21. I have to disagree, dell use pretty good parts, their motherboards are all custom made and very reliable, their cpus well you cant really get crap cpus, same goes for hdds, pretty much any hdd manufacturer now is good same for ram, i think they use kingston ram in most of their machines and its a good quality make. Dell are cheap and very reliable, nothing wrong with them.
  22. Bubba

    Can't delete a file?

    Sometimes just renaming the file will let you delete it seems strange that it will let you rename it sometimes but not delete it, also just restarting explorer sometimes will let you delete it aswell.
  23. Is this something similar to adobes acrobot reader speed launcher? Im not too sure if this is a good idea because i recently seen that leaving firefox open constantly uses alot of ram, it used up 1.5gb in a week i seen somewhere, not sure if this little app is going to cause the same problem but ill give it a go, cheers.
  24. This is a recent pic of me but i look about 12 ¬_¬
  25. Just tape it somewhere to measure temps, ambient case temp would be a good one to measure since most other things have built in temp probes. I wish i could make tons of money building pcs, we charge £45 ontop of what it costs us to build a pc, which isnt worth it in my opinion, its about an hours worth of labour installing it then testing it for a nother few, then having to provide warranty of parts for another years, for £45 its not worth it, not when we can make £90 doing something else in an hour and dont have to provide any after sales support.
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