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  1. Hi there again. Nothing is working, I don't have any of those keys in my computer to edit or reset to default. I tried getting rid of google toolbar, didn't help. I tried checking my 'hosts' file, nothing relevant is blocked (only files in it were put in by Spybot). Disabled Sygate firewall, nothing happened. Spybot run, nothing. Deleted WindowsUpdate folder. No change. BTW, have rebooted several times too.... Adaware, nothing.... Have run HJT and deleted windowsupdate entry (016) Oh MY GOD it works I think!!!!!! YES YES YES thank you thank you. It is now scanning my pc for available updates!!!!! Thankyou and goodnight ... it's 12 34am here.
  2. Thanks Hawk for your ongoing help with this problem, will let you know what I find!!! Very grateful!
  3. Thanks for all the replies, I can't get on to the windows update site at the moment ... my computer, not part of a network, says that I am not an aministrator of my own pc ( i have a thread in internet connections and networking forum that no-one has answered for me) so I'll have to use driversguide unless anyone wants to read that thread and suggest something!!!! Thanks anyway!
  4. Thanks, I will be brave and give it a go then!!! What about modems? Mines a few years old and there is a new one available - would it make a difference??
  5. Hi. I have a component built older system, 20GB HDD, Win98, Office 2000 .... and I need to know, is it helpful to your pc to find driver updates; or is it better, if all is working, to leave it alone??? Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!! PS Is driverguide.com a reputable site??
  6. Thanks for the reply but no good for me. All the key was, it said if a certain key was there, change the value from a 1 to a 0 or something and it'll allow the updates. But I didn't have that key, and making one up is a little beyond me. What's binary actually mean?!!! Please can anyone help me, this is driving me nuts and there must be some way I can get back into windows update!!!!
  7. I really need help. Please!! Whenever I go to the Windows Update site, it tells me 'Administrators Only. Your network Policy settings do not allow you to use windows update' or something. It tells you, if you have XP or 2000, to log on as a different user; or if you use Win98, to go to start, win update, run as different user. I am running windows 98SE, but it does not have the option to 'run as different user'. My PC is NOT part of a network, but I think it has some network settings turned on. I had Network Neighborhood on my desktop till today, when I went and removed 'Client for Windows Network' from my network settings, hoping that would disable any network settings. But no. I would like to delete EVERYTHING related to networking and network settings but don't know how. On the windowsupdate support site, it had a suggestion that if you used regedit and changed a key in local machine - software - windows - explorer to allow update to work - BUT I DON"T have the explorer key to edit!! Any ideas why windows think i am not an administrator??? Please? I would like to download security patches etc and can't. PS I run VET daily, HJT daily, SPYBOT daily and have SYGATE firewall too, so everything else should be ok.
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