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  1. Well aren't you clever. Thanks so much for your fast response!! I googled how to find out about my graphics card. I found the directx diagnostic tool (which seems 'very' hidden away, I used in lots in my older PC but hadn't in this one!). Turns out I have Sis Mirage 32MB. So, I guess I'll leave the write combining turned off? Or won't that make a difference? Thanks again!
  2. Ok so i am really blind. I did not see the pinned notice in the forum about this very issue. I WAS able to run OverDrive in 'debug' mode when i turned off 3d vid testing. In that pinned thread it says: Ok so if I do either/both those things, THEN what?? What does that MEAN, if I say, turn off write combining? IS something WRONG with my PC IF that helps me?? So I guess I'll have to uninstall PCMatic as it won't work for me....
  3. OK so do I have something wrong with my video card or something? Ever since the new overdrive came out, I have NOT been able to use it as it ALWAYS crashes at the 3D video part. I gave up and haven't been here in a while. but today i thought I'd try again, downloaded PCMatic to try and it crashed... twice at the same point. So I went back to try Overdrive again and yep same thing. I run spybot and adware, updated, at least weekly, have CA VET antivirus installed and run also weekly. I don't know what to try next, or how I can investigate/test if there's something
  4. Sorry I didn't come back in here to report to you guys, particularly Shootme. I am so grateful for all your advice and tips and SHOULD have come in to thank you. My issues are all sorted now. I have no idea what fixed it, I did many things over and over, like chkdisk, degrag, spybot, bios settings, yaddah yaddah... And I pulled the box apart and gave it a good blow-out and oiled the power supply fan which was worknig intermittently. But my printer is worknig perfectly; and my pc now shuts down properly!!!!! So I am sure it was SOMETHING that you suggested, that fixed
  5. MFC ....? You talking about this? http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/d...x6e(VS.80).aspx NO, sorry, Multi Function Centre = scanner printer fax copier!! Thanks for your ongoing help, it is very much appreciated! *RE the motherboard ... I am wondering why I need to UNinstall the SiS driver first, it looks like the one on that gigabyte site is Sis too, would it not over-ride / uninstall earier drivers? Or prompt me to when opening the file? .... I am wondering if I should pay for the PCPitstop endorsed driver program, whatever it's called, driveralert? This might fix
  6. Hi shootme, THIS "On your test the last things you did was installed hp drivers and a fax modem drivers. I say this because of the install dates under software on your test. Your PC was shutting down ok before those changes were made. So maybe one of the installs has corrupted your video card drivers or the fax driver has enabled wake on use of a modem or the modem is set to never shut off so pc restarts. IS a really good thought, particularly the modem idea. (HOW DO I CHECK??) Coincidentally my MFC was playing up, but to be honest I am not sure if the shutdown issues were
  7. Thanks patricko, can you please explain that a little more??
  8. I am going to start a new thread in the HJT section, and post a log in there - I hope that is the right thing to do. trend Micro found a massive 8 cookies to delete... (sarcasm...) but nothing else.
  9. Hi, sorry been busy over the weekend. Shootme, I tried the microsoft malicious software tool you suggested above, nothing found. Yes, my computer's "name" IS "server"! I wondered the same as Viking, where you suggest 'resetting' IE - when my eventlog message was about "explorer.exe" ... but, I did it anyway ... which will drive me nuts for weeks, trying to remember old passwords for forums such as this I'll look at TrendMicro next; .... but .... even if fix it, I'll be wondering WHY it happened in the first place... Post back again later. Thanks you guys... again... so m
  10. God I am terrified of reinstalling .... Anyway that link above, kellys korner, I got a download for an event tracker, and in the log after I shutdown (before it restarted again ), itsays The process Explorer.EXE has initiated the restart of SERVER for the following reason: Other (Unplanned) Minor Reason: 0x0 Shutdown Type: power off Comment: Does that tell you anything?? If explorer.exe 'initiated' the restart, does that mean there's a problem with explorer.exe? PS I have defragged, virus scanned, updated and run spybot, adaware, chk-disked, sfc'd, used TuneUp 20
  11. OK ... so... I LOVE that Tuneup program!!! But, I STILL have the not-shutting-down-auto-restarting-even-when-the-checkbox-is-unticked issue... I have tried about 6 things so far in the task manager, will take me days to get through, but I'll post back when I find IF one of them is the culprit. I've also deleted some things I didn't need off my startup menu, like Quicktime, Nokia phone thingy, Fax program, which I don't need starting automatically... Thanks everyone for the hints, will keep trying, and will keep checking back here to see if anyone has any more ideas!
  12. shootme, before I download that one, WHAT is it, would I have it already, WHY would I need it?? Just need to know before I do anything!! I'll post back when i have done the shutdown each one testing bit.. in a few hours... silly kids want me to entertain them!! ( I am their mother after all!!)
  13. If anyone is still reading... I just went to device manager for the first time since I downloaded the Display Adapter Driver from ITS manufacturer. Before, it appeared IN device manager list AS "Display Adapter"; NOW there is NO display adapter in that list - instead it is ? Other Device (SiS Mirage Graphics). Is that important? *Just answered my own question about why there is NO test history for 'this' configuration today... PCptistop thinks this is a different configuration because the display adapter is now showing as 'other' device!!*
  14. Thanks for those links... I'd read them already. I already HAVE unchecked the stupid 'auto restart' box, and have it set to write a log to eventsys. I am not knowledgeable enough to look at bios settings, i ran chkdisk yesterday, sfc the night before, defragged each day for the last week, anyone wanna see a HJT log?
  15. Update. Well I tried to roll back the display driver.. butthere was nothing saved to roll back to. Anyway I downloaded, uninstalled, and now installed new drivers. I ran cleanup.exe again and shutdown, it STILL restarts (but I don't gert the keryhook error message, so, I am back to where I started (except my display adapter driver is now working). I have run my tests again, haven't yet put in a link in techexpress - I went to my history (tests) and it says NONE there except todays - what the?? I wanted to compare today with yesterday and it ain't there...
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