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  1. finally bit defender picked it up and got rid of it i just hope that when it deleted the above mentioned files it doesn't cause major havok with my system!!!!
  2. i have spyware guard, xp pro and i'm not sure what av is
  3. well i ran all the online scans that i could and they didn't even pick it up!!! any other suggestions????
  4. how do i update stinger i can't find the option
  5. when i run an online virus scan this keeps popping up can any one help me????? Memory unable to check C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\update.exe=>(Upx) infected: [email protected] C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\update.exe=>(Upx) unable to disinfect C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\update.exe=>(Upx) infected: [email protected] C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\update.exe=>(Upx) unable to disinfect C:\WINDOWS\system32\realupd.exe=>(Upx) infected: [email protected] C:\WINDOWS\system32\realupd.exe=>(Upx) unable to disinfect C:\WINDOWS\system32\realupd32.exe suspect: Trojan.Downloader.Gen C:\WINDOWS\system32\realupd32.exe copied
  6. thanks guys and girls!!! i finally have AIDA32 got a direct up load!! so what is good temps???
  7. windows 98 se is my os, if thats not what your asking for use plainer english plz
  8. thank you everyone I cant figure out what the problem is , i don't know how to get into my BIOS, and even if i could i wouldn't know what to do when i got there.
  9. the power supply is 350w, it is plugged into a surge bar, and it is a 3 prong
  10. i still have not figured anything out i tried to get the programs that were suggested but my puter froze solid resulting in me have to hit the reset button on the tower. I am a novice, not as bad as i was but i still am having problems.
  11. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO FIND THE ACTUAL TEMP OF MY COMPUTER!!!! i have seen other people look at some program within windows to find out how hot the system is running and i need to know how to find it!!!! i am running windows 98 se
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