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  1. I have now tried all combos of the tips from Joe C and kd5, but nothing works. I've contacted Microsoft and they are slowly helping me with other problems. Such as Windows Movie Player will not work. I can run videos in the Movie Maker, but not the player. I have read different tech sites about Vista and their lack of compatibility with some programs. I've had User Control and Windows Defender on, when Microsoft started helping me. I told them that my Dell ran better before I turned them on. But while they are helping me, I have to leave them on. Microsoft is so eager to help me that they have a tech assigned to me, from an opposite time zone, so I only hear from them each morning. (Bleep). Nothing they have had me do has helped. I'm about ready to do a full restore and start over. Thanks a lot for the help, Joe C and kd5. And may the Ghost of Microsoft, never haunt you.
  2. Forgot to add that I'm using Dell\Vista\IE7. Tried the "Verifying Installation", but it just keeps going and going...... Removed Java thru add\remove. Shutdown Comodo Firewall, Re-installed Java. No Luck. Tried secunia again--No luck. Secunia PSI says Java is secure. Went to Java Help, and tried to do the following: Please follow these instructions to enable the Sun JRE though your Web browser: Internet Explorer 4.x and Up Click "Tools" --> "Internet Options" Select the Advanced Tab, and scroll down to "Java (Sun)" Check the box next to the "Use Java 2" version [i don't have this option, only one box to check for Java (Sun) ] Next, select the Security Tab, and select the "Custom Level" button Scroll down to "Scripting of Java applets" Make sure the "Enable" radio button is checked. (this was checked). Click OK to save your preference. (Did) Same old crap.
  3. Hi Gang. Secunuia will not recognize my Java. I've re-installed Java 4 times. Between installs, I have run ccleaner to remove temp files, etc. Rebooted, but nothing seems to work. I installed the Secunia PSI in hopes this would work, but it says that Java is secure. But the Java is not recognized in the Secunia Online Software Inspector e-mail sent to me 4-25-08. Adobe flash is also current. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Oops, I think you misunderstood. I was complimenting you, not criticizing. I've waited for hours and hours , for some responses. Especially during this time of day. I was surprised and pleased. So, thanks again. rgsmile
  5. Thanks, for the "speedy" response, that's great!
  6. Hi. Rec'd a late Christmas gift from my bride of a Dell 530s\VistaHomePremium\DualCore and would like to use an external HD\Western Digital\80gig. It hooked up OK to the Vista and I'm formatting it now. But, I noticed it is Fat32, while all Vista drives are NTFS. Is there anything that I have to do, or will it run OK, after the format is complete??? Thanks in advance for any help. SubNote: The win98se you all helped me with, for my Grandson, is running just fine!
  7. I know this isn't business, but I'm of French-Canadian decent (ancestors from around Winnipeg), residing in the Great State of Minnesota. I wonder if that means, that I can have 2 Thanksgiving's? Oh well, I don't need the extra pounds anyway?
  8. Thanks, mel8again. I figured as much, but thought I better double-check with the knowledgeable "Pit". Have a nice Thanksgiving.
  9. Hi.! I have a HP-1210-All-in-one printer installed on my Compaq Evo. Uses USB 2.0. I have another printer, a 1210 hp-color printer that I'd like to check and see if it still works. I have fresh ink for it. Uses USB 1.0. But I believe USB 2.0 is backward compatible. Would it cause any problems having both hooked up on the system at the same time? Thanking you in advance for any help. rgsmile
  10. Have you called your service provider. They should help.
  11. Thanks, lurkingatu2, for the response. Beta scares me, as I'm no tech, so that's why I asked. The concept sounds great! I checked the wilder forum and others have doubts. I've never heard of "sandboxie". I'll google it and take a look. Thanks again. rgsmile
  12. Just wondering about this new product. Please advise, if you know anything about it. Thanking you in advance. rgsmile >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ZoneAlarm® ForceField™ Announcing the only browser-based security product specifically designed to safeguard your web-surfing on any PC Protect your turf, wherever you surf ZONEALARM FORCEFIELD CREATES A VIRTUAL YOU FOR YOUR INTERNET SESSIONS ON ANY PC, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME It's like my Internet stunt double. It can do everything I do and can take the hits, leaving me unscathed. So bring it on, bad guys! ZoneAlarm ForceField is the first security product designed to respect your freedom online while giving you superhero-level protection. It lets you: >> Shield your PC - Completely eliminate uninvited downloads and changes to your computer while you surf >> Surf privately - Leave absolutely no tracks on your computer as you surf the Internet >> Transact safely - Secure your online banking and shopping from identity thieves Learn more about ZoneAlarm ForceField and download the FREE Beta Version ZoneAlarm® ForceField™ creates a virtual you for your Internet sessions on any PC, anywhere, anytime. ©2003-2007 Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. All rights reserved. Check Point, Check Point logo, DefenseNet, IMsecure, OSFirewall, [email protected], SmartDefense, SmartDefense Advisor, TrueVector, ZoneAlarm, ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware, ZoneAlarm Antivirus, ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite, ZoneAlarm Pro, ZoneAlarm Secure Wireless Router, Zone Labs, and the Zone Labs logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. or its affiliates. ZoneAlarm is a Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. Company. All other product names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The products described in this document are protected by U.S. Patent No. 5,606,668, 5,835,726, 6,496,935, 6,873,988, and 6,850,943 and may be protected by other U.S. Patents, foreign patents, or pending applications. Check Point fully supports all efforts to ensure the security, privacy, and peace of mind of everyone on the Internet. Our e-mail offers, satisfaction surveys and security communications are sent only to registered users of our software who have expressed an interest in receiving information via e-mail. If you no longer wish to receive e-mails from us please use the unsubscribe link below or write to us at: ZoneAlarm; Attn Unsubscribe; 800 Bridge Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94605, USA. To view our privacy policy click here.
  13. Thanks for the response. I had the host file, but had some problems with WinPatrol host file. I still get the updates, but just store them until I have time to make sure I install it right. Mike Burgess- http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm. I always had troubles installing them right and then I couldn't get into some of my survey sites. I had Site Advisor, but also had conflicts with some of my survey's. I don't know why some surveys are depicted as either a virus, or spam. I was just curious, since it was listed in PC World's newsletter. Thanks again.
  14. If so, I was wondering if it prevented users from entered some sites, such as my survey sites that are restricted by certain Internet settings? (I have to use medium-low in IE restricteds zones). It was mentioned in a PC World's newsletter today. Thanking you in advance. SafeSpace v1.1.96 beta [34.16M] [WinXP SP2/Vista] [FREE] Eliminates the problem of malware by creating an impenetrable barrier between your computer and the Internet, protecting you and your personal information against all known and unknown threats. http://www.artificialdynamics.co.uk/conten...r-personal.aspx
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