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  1. cant you just make a new group and call it turkey and stick anyone who deserves it in there for a month ( you could have a vote between the admins and mods to decide who goes in there ) and also make a turkey icon and then everytime they posted we can all reply with gobble gobble and apply the appropiate turkey icon .... bet i get a pm later headed welcome to the new group gobble gobble
  2. Iespyads MVP Host File Spywareblaster these are free ,they use no resources & take about 10 minutes to download and install and 5 minutes a month to check and update you are now protected from thousands of crapware items in less time then it toook me to type this :santagrin:
  3. this counter is even more fascinating , it runs into $billions world wide the cost of jesus . . . :santagrin: bah humbug
  4. http://costofwar.com/ive no idea how accurate or true it is but check out the $ counter on the link above .its already gone up by over $500 by the time i typed this post out EDIT....make that $730
  5. it was detecting host file entries CWS.Therealsearch CWS.Smartsearch CWS.Aboutblank CWS.Jksearch CWS.Svchost32 CWS.Loadbat CWS.Msoffice CWS.Mupdate CWS.Googlems CWS.Alfasearch theres a new update( v2.11 ) that cures this error
  6. well done , if i was a mod here i would probably have deleted the entire pc pit stop site and done god knows what else damage by now
  7. give him lines , write out 100 times ... i am not to venture out too far on the other forums i am not to venture out too far on the other forums i am not to venture out too far on the other forums ...
  8. yes.....lol common sense and any program that you keep updated
  9. hi ,seems a bit harsh to judge anti-virus programs on their trojan detection/removal rate have you tried an extra deep scan with reg-supreme registry cleaner from macecraft ? 30 day trial http://www.macecraft.com/regsupreme/
  10. ive been switching this pc on and off about 3 or 4 times a day for the last 5 years with no problems .....i am geting a bit tired though
  11. why are schools failing to educate and teach people how to read and write ? how come illegal immigrants get the right to vote ?
  12. why not try the free 24/7 Tech Support ?
  13. you may want to show him this sponsored link advert in a google search http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=z...oad&btnG=Search Sponsored Links Zero Spyware 2004 Free Scan and 24/7 Tech Support Try it Risk Free Today - aff www.zerospyware.com it goes here but it wont open cos iespyads (Sep 23 ) blocks it http://www.adreporting.com/dir.php?a=167624&p=378&way=0
  14. smiley central crapware is now being advertised in the aol new/old/sent email box it says click here to get over 10,000 free smilies and it goes to the address www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZNxuk029&spu=1
  15. Did you know ? at the time of posting this it is only 81 days 3 hours and 52 minutes untill christmas day X-mas countdownthingy edit...81 days 3 hours and 50 minutes....must type faster
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