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  1. it is a emachine disk and is in a emachine.... i have 2 emachines and the one cd doesnt work so i used one for other emachine... funny thing is it boots up on the compaq not the emachine
  2. it is.......boot device priority cd/dvd-rom drive hard disk drive floppy drive ethernet
  3. i an in bios and in boot section... boot devise priority is cd.dvd rom drive..... someone said something that it could be the ide controller? guess it on motherboard..i have no idea
  4. no....i do have pc at boot in setup...it is on normal at moment..when i hit down arrow all things light up...cd.dvd.....hard disk drive...floopy drive....ehternet so cd/dvd is boot device priority.. is that right
  5. ok i set the time and date and still nothing. at 1st it acts like it will then nothing...why does it boot up on another pc and not this one..doesnt make sense....
  6. not yet will in morning got other pc hooked up now and had enough aggrivatin for one day lol.... i have asked you if having those not set will stop it from loading...i got get off soon anyway.. but like know if time date not set cause it not load..looking for easy fix here lol
  7. it is same cd i used on pc to reformat the pc came with pc ( emachine ) a regular windows xp cd...like said it works fine on other pc ( compaq ) so does time and date have to be set in order for it to boot up?
  8. i went in and looked around but i didnt touch anything didnt want mess it up lol.....will time and date stop windows from loading? and why would drive work on other pc..tho it auto set them on that pc ... let me know if this is the case and in morning i'll set it up again and go in and see if i can figure out how to set time and date....thought this was gonna be simple thing to do..old drive was missing a file and xp cd couldnt load it so got new drive.....and there it sits lol
  9. ok this is the story now.......i put the harddrive in a diff computer and it booted right up no probs.....i switched the battery and put it in the other pc and it booted right up no probs...so it isnt the hardrive or the battery....the battery that was in other pc i put in prob pc and it said prob with battery failure like other one...tho battery works in other pc just fine....so has be something else...doesnt make sense that hardrive boots right up in other pc and not this one and same as the battery..works in one not the other.....
  10. worked with old drive grrrrr. is says hit enter to continue and then just get blank screen nothing loads
  11. it is the cd for the computer, i just got a new hard drive
  12. got a hardrive..d/led xp now my pc says cmos battery failure and it wont load...what do i do ????
  13. by complicated that is exactly what i meant.....complicated for me...i said right off the bat that i had no knowledge of inside a pc.....i asked a ? about what kind of motherboard i needed for this pc.....and it got into rebuilding motherboard.....yes complicated for me..can i do as someone says without messing it up...don't know....i did say that i would need step by step instructions and that takes time...and i don't want to be a bother to anyone.... as far as the battery in the motherboard...oh it has one?..a silver round thing... looks like size of a nickle....if i can find it i can probably pull it out wait and put bk in..... now how do i boot to bios,never done that....safe mode and reg is all i have ever done....be willing try this if u can tell me how...meanwhile i will see if i can get this battery out....i will come bk here and see if i have gotten a reply..... well i took battery out..waited 40 minutes put it bk in.....plugged pc in...started it..no power....so i guess that wasn't it.......well i have a pc being shipped today so not know as have time to get this other one working by time it goes out...but the emachine is 90% better then one i am using right now....if someone feels they have the time to go through different things to see if can get emachine working that would be nice.....like said befor it sounds complicated to me...but lot times things work out better then exspected lol...sometimes.... anyway if one of ya wants too help say so and we can try...i do have msn messenger..prob be easier......thanks
  14. ok ty anyway.....kinda figured that would be the way it was..thanks for your time.....
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