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  1. Thank you Kniht, I will do it with confidence now, thanks to you.
  2. Did you just uninstall IE 7, and IE 6 came back automatically. I just installed IE 7 and don't like it. But I cannot find IE 6 anywhere on my computer. I fear uninstalling 7 and being left without any browser and no way to go get one. thanks, :beer:
  3. crescent


    When I first downloaded IE6 my Outlook Express turned into Outlook Express6. When we download IE7, what happens to our OE program? Just curious.
  4. No, that is the problem. I deleted the file and windows created a recycle bin on the drive and the error changed to reflect the recycler so I emptyed the recycle bin and deleted it, still got the error. I did a disk check and formated the disk. The drive is totally empty now and I still get the error. I cannot make the error appear, it pops up arbitrarally when I quit out of Outlook, or my documents or the internet. If I go back and repeat what I just did it will not appear. It only appears when it wants to. Frustrating.
  5. aeroman10, I installed a new 400GB Seagate drive in December and it sat empty until last August, when I put a home video on it to edit. I immediatly started getting this error. My research indicates many people are having this problem and different solutions work for different people. Most folks don't fix the problem. Some replace the drive and that fixes the problem and some replace the drive and it does not fix it. In some cases the problem appears to be in the drive cache, and one person said he used a free third party program called Cacheman 5.50, and fixed the problem. Please keep us updated on your trouble shooting and let us know what works or dosen't work for you. It will sure help others with the same Problem. Thanks and good luck.
  6. Caintry, You are in my familys thoughts and prayers, we hope GOD gives you the strength and guidance to help you your family through this sad time.
  7. Hi Tankus, Irfanview will do just what you want. When you start with a single picture that is say 2048X1536, you just go to image>resize/resample and check the aspect ratio and set the size to what you want, I use 640x480, but you can make what you want. Then you do a save as and set it for jpg and a compression slider will appear in the top right of your screen and you can play with that, but I usually set it for 70 and it will compress a 1 or 2 MB picture to about 50 or 70 kb. Play with it a little to see how it compresses your pictures. To batch rename and resize a bunch of pictures, I do it in two steps. I make two new folders and name one "new renamed", and the other one "new renamed resized". Open the first picture in the folder of pics you want to work with and click on file>batch conversion/rename. check batch rename and click set rename options, This will take you to a screen where you type the new name you want in where it says "name pattern and it is pretty intuitive. check copy to output directory and OK. Takes you back to the original page and the new picture group name will be in a box at the bottom right. In the middle of the screen it will say output directory and browse. you should browse to your "new renamed" folder highlight it and click ok. At the top of this screen will be all the pictures in your original folder and you have to highlight them. Off to the left is an empty box with commands beside it, click add all and then click start. It will go thru and rename them and put them in your "new renamed" folder. Go to the "new renamed folder" and all your pics should be there unsized but renamed. If they are, then open the first one and go back to file>batch conversion/rename. If you opened the first pic in the "new renamed folder", they sould be in the box at the top of the screen and in the work as box you must check batch conversion, set the optput format to jpg and click options and move the slider to 70 (or whatever you want your compression to be, try 70 first) then put a check in use advanced option and click on set advanced options. Takes you to a screen where you check aspect ratio and check pixels and set the width, the aspect ratio will take care of the height. You can set the dpi if you want to (some people say to set it for 72, but I leave it blank) then click ok. You must browse the output directory and highlight "new renamed resized" folder, and click ok. Highlight the picture names at the top, and click add all and start, and it should resize and compress them and put them in the "new renamed resized" folder. You should have three folders the Original, "new renamed" and "new renamed resized". (I delete "new renamed" I use picassa to correct lighting problems, (over and under exposure) If you have any problems with this, pm me and tell me what you are having a problem with and I will help you, I go to Seattle every year to a reunion with my old army buddies and come home with about 300 pictures and batch renaming and resizing sure makes it easier than fooling with one picture at a time. This sounds complex as you read it, but if you print this out and do it, you will find you can do a bunch of pictures in 4 or 5 minutes.
  8. Hey BWest36, I just open Startsmart an click on the little gold star at the top and it will give you the options to Make a data CD Make a video CD Make an audio CD Copy a CD I use the "Make a data CD" for pictures. :beer:
  9. I have a Benq 1620 and I used Nero 6 and was happy with it, but when I bought the new Benq 1655 with lightscribe, I purchased Nero 7. I don't remember what version it was but it would not do anything. Showtime would not work, and the Lightscribe would not work, it was trash. I upgraded it to version and it still had bugs and nothing would work right. I uninstalled it and went back to Nero 6. I read they had some new firmware versions out for Nero 7 that were fixing the bugs. So I reinstalled it and upgraded to version and went to Lightscribe.com and got the latest driver for that and now everything on Nero 7 is working great for me. Better than Nero 6. I see they have a new version out, but I am happy with the way this version is running and you folks here in the pit have taught me that if its not broke don't try to fix it, so I am going to wait to upgrade to the new version. I know Nero 7 is a big bloated program, but it is doing everything for me as well as I expected it to do.
  10. I agree with Bruce, 100%. Expert Criminal Psychologists say these people cannot be rehabilited and will eventually end up killing some little child. They should be put away for life, and nobody should get excited when they have an "Accident".
  11. crescent


    Hey Juliet I am 17 x 2 x 2.03 It would be good to be 17 x 2 again :beer: :beer:
  12. Hi Folks, Since Pitstop says I have version 5 of DX and the game says I need version 9.0, I have been trying to find a way to determine which version I really have. I found this, and you all probably already know about it, but if you go start>run and type in "dxdiag" without the quotes it will open a window that will tell you everything about your video card and drivers and the version of DX you have, and it has lots of tests to check your video card and the DX version you have. I was a little disapointed because I have version 9.0c and I was hoping that was my problem and I could fix it. I thought I would share this, and my trouble shooting goes on and on. I am still open to all suggestions.
  13. Hi Porthos, Yup, I sent you the right link to the wrong card. I sure thought that was the right card, but I see that is a 2004 release and this new card is close enough to the one on the link I posted, that I did not notice it was not the same. You are much more observant than I am. Looking at the box now I can see a few differences including the AVG interface, and multi-display. Thanks for catching that. I bookmarked that link, I will delete it and go find the right one. Gotta go shopping or I won't have dinner tonight. :beer:
  14. Hi Mouse, I was sure glad to see your post here this morning. But I knew you would not leave me high and dry while I still had a problem. Thanks for the info on the VGA driver. That is good to know. I can pass that on to others in the future, most folks I have talked to don't know that and when I asked them what would happen, would my screen go dark, they just shrugged their shoulders and said they did not know. So where am I in my trouble shooting. The ATI video card is gone and all drivers are gone. (that driver cleaner sure does the job, it found about 20 ATI drivers and deleted them) We have a new NVIDIA video card, and when I started to install the drivers that came with the video card, it said the installed drivers were newer than the ones on the CD, and did I really want to do that, so I did not. The CD does have a bunch of tests to test the card, and I ran them and they all passed. So the animation on the last two years games flashed on and off when I had the old card and drivers, and they do the same thing with the new card and drivers. I think I can eliminate the video card as the cause, unless you have another idea. I have downloaded DX9 several times. The instructions say it will write over the top of older DX programs. But the Pitstop test says I have DX 5.03. Here is a techexpress test I ran just a few minutes ago. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=AR3PNWJMCTUSJ7WU This years game says it needs DX9 and last years game says it needs DX7 and they are the two that will not work. How can I verify which DX version I really have? You mentioned in your very first post that I may have a DX problem. I sure appreciate you time and expertise Mouse. I think I have learned something from every post you have made over the last few years. Thanks again. :beer:
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