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  1. Congratulations Guns and everyone else!! a job well done!! hopefully a milestone for the team will mean milestones in genetic research. i 've been trying to get running some of the gpu i have that were failing wus. a fresh os install got 3 cards running for awhile , but some glitches have popped up. i hope i can keep up my output. fold on
  2. way to fold Zuhl !! Welcome to the team !
  3. wow , those are nice cards! I hope you can get it all crunching wu's! if i can get all my gear running and overclocked you still will be doing more then double what i could put out. no way could i keep up with you, but i am trying to increase my output. Fold On!!
  4. I would have to say the decision to fold or not to fold is one of being able to do something because i can. I have some computer stuff, there is a research project that uses that computer stuff, so why not use my stuff to do that research? I have the tools to do job so the right thing to do is use them to do that job. I also fold because my grandparents and parents suffered Alzheimers and parkinsons. even more selfishly i fold because in my work life i worked with many solvents, herbicides, pesticides etc, and possibly folding research will benefit me directly in the future. i al
  5. I know that feeling, i was there alone at the top for so long. when i first started folding more actively there were 3 or 4 pit members folding seriously, i wanted to run with the big dogs for awhile , but they dropped out one by one i wish i could do enough wu's to at least give you a good run for #1, but i have 3 dead rigs and 5 dead gpu. i havent taken time to troubleshoot, i've been spending most my computer time with raspberry pi projects, unfortunately it doesnt fold. a winter storm is coming here, maybe i'll hole up inside and try to fix some of my stuff. i could use the room
  6. Guns, I've been waiting a while to pass the #1 spot to you, Congratulations Fold On!
  7. Congrats Justin! Great job considering all the hardware problems.
  8. Congratulations WMD ONE HUNDRED MILLION!!! i guess the race is on for 200 million!
  9. i sent myself an email with caps where i dont use caps and it came thru fine with the attachments so i am sure the problem is his son didnt check his spam or is just not seeing it.
  10. thanks for the answers, the reason i ask is that i have a elderly neighbor who asked me to scan and send some forms to his son, he had 3 versions of his sons email address, all the same except different capital letters in two, i have tried every combo of the address but his son still says he hasnt got them. i think the problem is his son , even tho he was told the forms would be sent from me , is stuck on looking for his dads address in his inbox.
  11. do you have that rig ready to fire up? i hope to see 400k ppd before this week is over.
  12. make that central az. i escaped phx area 28 yrs ago, am in the verde valley.
  13. and i plan to stay on your heels all the way to 100 mill.......................... .may even be able to match you ppd soon, i broke down and got the 8350. and the board i got has 4 pcix slots
  14. this was fun.. thanks to all ...teammates and competitors .
  15. the hardware below is now folding for the Pit_Crew.
  16. ddang.........i wish it wasn't so expensive to get in to bigadv folding!!
  17. way to fold "dubya" it seems for a little more $ then i have in gpus i could have built a rig like this and get double the points science.
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