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  1. when ever i click on my ie icon it wont open the explorer at all however if i click on a link it opens just fine .... ive ran adaware and spybot ... i have also ran a couple virus scanners .... what can i do?
  2. ok i went to that site and ran a fix but it said the worm wasent on my computer .... i tried shutting down everything on my comp didnt help ... i also tried leaving modem off for awhile but im still getting pinged by EVERYONE
  3. i was looking over my computer and noticed that i was constantly being pinged (zone alarm firewall) im getting pinged like 500 times an hour ... i have used adaware spyware blaster spybot avg norton trojan hunter and 2 online tests and heres a pit test ..... http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...KSLWW0MR60STYS4 .... what else can i do or should i do
  4. well that was simple enough lol ill go look for it
  5. i dont think it got blocked from spybot i think it was from spyware blaster and if so i dont know how to unblock it
  6. well see the problem is i did disable it and now it wont work .... i can take pics and record video and stuff but i cant send out one of the little "click here to see my video" links the second i open Logitech IM Video Companion i get this error ... "The instruction at "0x00416f33" referenced memort at "0x00182000". The memory could not be "read"." and i have no idea what that means so thats why i asked if it was becasue i disabled backweb
  7. i got a logitech quickcam messenger and all of a sudden it quit working when i try to send somone live video i ran spyware blaster without thinking and just now i ran spybot and it found a bucnh of backweb stuff in my logitech folder and in teh registry well after i ran spywareblocker i cant use the webcam does logitech need backweb to run right? if so how do i go about unblocking it to run it .... or is it just something that has nothing to do with spyware
  8. when i go in to update i get this error "6004: LiveUpdate did not complete successfully Due to a transmission error, one or more LiveUpdate components failed internal authentication. Please run LiveUpdate again. If the error persists, contact your network administrator or LiveUpdate provider." what can i do?
  9. well i ran adware first for about 2 weeks and i havent found 1 thing on spybot so i may just uninstall it.... it would be one less thing to run ... i use adware, nortan antivirus corporate edition, spybot, and avg ... and my pop up blocker lol i dont know if all of it is neccesiary ... sorry about spelling (im flunking english lol)
  10. i was messing around with it and i made it scan the sec i open it and close when its done so um i cant update it or anything ... i tried to re-install but it kept my options lol what can i do
  11. it was already so i unchecked it and rechecked it and its still doing it :help:
  12. but i still have a problem with number 1 and the "tiles" and "icons" switching back and forth
  13. ok i ran my Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition and gladiator and did the Panda Online AV Scan and the TrendMicro Online AV Scan and they found nothing but then i ran AVG (just got it) and it found Trojan horse HideWindow what exactatly does this trojan do?
  14. i did both online tests and used both of my virus scanners and it found nothing but i jus got AVG and it found Trojan horse HideWindow
  15. i did both of those online virus scans niether of them found anything so i dunno here is my test results http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...UQXWW0MR60SAC1B
  16. after i close it and go back into it they go back not instantaly it takes it a sec or so like i can leave and come right back and theyll be normal but say i wait a min or so and click on it it goes right back yes i have a virus program Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition and i did a full system scan 2 times with it and it found nothing
  17. 1 ok i have a question for you when i open "my computer" the icons are all in "tiles" format and i switch them to "icons" but they go right back ... they never use to do this u know how i could fix it? 2 also i am slowly gaining files ( i was at 45,000 yesterday im at 48,000 tiday) when im not downloading or installing anything ... why?!?!?
  18. I run adware 6 first and spybot never seems to find anything. So I would delete spybot before adware.
  19. lol so did i but i also deleted the back ups also .... but im not having any trouble yet so im not worried at the moment
  20. this is what it said You have AdAware installed. If you have the AdAware option to scan inside archives enabled, AdAware may find files in the Spybot-S&D folder. Spybot-S&D does not contain any spyware, but it creates backups of everything you fix (until you remove those backups from the Recovery list), and AdAware complains about these backups. You can safely ignore these backups found by AdAware.
  21. do i turn the acceleration completatly off wich is all the way to the left or just to basic
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