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  1. ok did it ... still didnt fix it
  2. lol ok ill do that in just a second
  3. can i ask what aol has to do with games like ... half life counter strike warcraft III battlefield 1942 ... or anything non aol related?
  4. no its everygame ive went around to some of the games fourms and asked but no one knows on those either
  5. yes and ran ad-aware and spybot .... then 5 diff virus scans
  6. its there for the aim games .... its been there for awhile ... ram is fine ... this has just started in like past 3-4 days and nothing on my system has changed
  7. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...H4KAW0MR60SCWZX
  8. ok .... when ever i play a game i cant use the mouse and keyboard at the same time .... i have got a new keyboard (in case of sticky keys) and re-installed mouse drivers ... and yet its still not working ... what can i do short of reformating (i would but my cd got broken in a recent move and no moeny to replace it)
  9. I was talking about the ziping and unziping winxp pro does for you. Right now im having to use winzip, but i can't stand it and want to fix the problem.
  10. Whenever i download a zip file and try to open it .... the window pops up like its going to then starts flashing really fast. The zip file refuses to open it justs sits there and flashs. In order to fix it i have to ctrl+alt+del and click as fast as i cant restart. Is there anything i can do to fix this?
  11. when ever i click on my ie icon it wont open the explorer at all however if i click on a link it opens just fine .... ive ran adaware and spybot ... i have also ran a couple virus scanners .... what can i do?
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