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    I like to work on computers, build small wood products,<br>fishing, hang out at the Pit.

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  1. Hello Hmm, if I had a virus I might post under Viruses, Spyware, Adware. Hey Zamik, try some Free online scanning tools I have on my page. I got the links from here and posted them on my page. if you have any viruses of trojans it should find them take a look and give them a try.Free Online Scan
  2. HI I may have something on my page that may help I have links to online scans that work really well, it's worth a try. My Webpage
  3. just want to say hi and hope you all had a nice holliday
  4. I used PoP-Up Stopper but it has run out. I like to know if ther is a pop up stopper that wont run out, that is free out there. thank you so much
  5. hello I cleaned something called hijacker from my PC last night, after awhile it came back and i cleaned it out again, both times with Spybot S&D and it seems to be staying gone this time. I like for some one to take a look at this hijack log and make sure there is no probs. One other thing I got Rid of Nortons Internet Security and i think I foung something left over from it the <line O16-DPF,> this is win ME. 512 Meg's of DDR 2700 PC ram . CPU is xp 1900 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Logfile of HijackThis v1.9
  6. me again hi after looking at this, I got to thinking, and It looks like some kind of HTML or PDF file as I would do this to point to a html file for my buttons on my web page to find them. I seen the # on there so I did a search in google and did a Search only on the part were it would count as a file, wich would be after the #sign, ( 0e8ad ).... Now you can do a search on that and you will find I was right it is a file, why your scan picks this up I have no Idea but do a search on your PC for this file and you just may find it.... 0e8ad Good Luck hard to exp
  7. hi disable your system restore and run Ad-Aware again and when it finds the bad nasty thing again you will be able to get rid of it this time . PS. remember to enable your system restore after again and what I have done is do all my AV scans and tests and then make a restore point . this way you will have a point you know that will be good to restore back to.
  8. hi I right click on them bad E-Mails and go down to set that E-Mail as junk mail and it will always go directly to the junk pile, as in the deleted folder; set your mail client to empty your deleted items when you exit your mail, and use this method with any mail you get from people you don't know. Never open an attachment from some one you don't know. Microsoft never sends updates through E-Mail or attachments. I never get junk mail because I treat my mail in this way, and i keep info about updated on products I have bought on line like video cards and such for a short time then they
  9. Good day all I have a line in my Add & Remove for a programe I no longer have in my PC , now how would I get this programe subject out of my Add & Remove. oh and I have XP HOME Thank you for your time and help on this, and have a very nice day .. My Webpage
  10. Hi all With DSL is it possible to get dissconeted when I get a phone call some times, what could be doing it , thank you for any help . have a nice day ...<I do have call waiting >
  11. Hello all What IAMSKINZ said is very true, and that is the reason I and maybe some others will run more then one scanner for spyware, Aware and such. After I run Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D it will come up clean 90% of the time, then I run Pest patrol and sometimes that will find things that the other 2 did not. So it's like what IAMSKINZ said, just use more then one to be safe and get what the other scan missed . thats my 2 cents Have a nice day/night
  12. Hi All I just ran it my PC. came up clean
  13. thanks you guys I just went there again and it works fine now. I really like SpywareBlaster so I was a bit worried about them, sits back and has a smoke
  14. Hi Every one I tried to go to SpywareBlaster's page and It can't seem to load it, any one having this problem? are they just updating the page? Please give it a try so I know it's not just me, LOL Thank you all. and have a nice day :beer:
  15. Hey Volt Thank you very much ,,, I looked and looked and I googeled and did not find that page you gave me she is trying it now seems to be doing well and the files for trend will help to prevent it from happening again, so thanks again Volt , Have a Nice Day/Night
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