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    I like to work on computers, build small wood products,<br>fishing, hang out at the Pit.

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  1. HI I may have something on my page that may help I have links to online scans that work really well, it's worth a try. My Webpage
  2. wow lilbill08 What did you do down load something from Kazaa ? LOL
  3. hello all This is my home PC: Objects removed total,- 2 Total Ad-aware scans,- 14 Objects in ignore list,- 0 Objects quarantined,- 0
  4. How can some one hate there own Computer
  5. Hi all this is my Brothers PC will post mine later: ----------------------------------------------------- Total Ad-Aware Scans, 105 Objects Removed Total, 189 Objects In Ignore, 0 Objects In Quaratined, 0
  6. Welcome to the brigade rhamton I'm sure you will enjoy this place alot I sure do, great ppl here and I am sure you will fit right in .
  7. Hi I like KaZAa Lite but today for the 2nd time i cought a virus downloading from there , good thing I had my AVG virus program running so be careful ok
  8. Thank you for your help. I did buy the ZA pro and I'v had it almost a year now same as for my NIS so I think I will stick with the NIS and renew that for another year. BTW I got Ad-Aware about 2 weeks ago and I got the word about A-Aware from this Forum, I think I got the URL from one of Volt's posts I love it, that works great . and it's free ,, So thank you again for clearing that up for me have a nice day/night .
  9. Hi every one I like to know if it's ok to have 2 anti virus programs running on your PC. at the same time like AVG and nortons antivirus , and also some one told me that if I have 2 firewalls running at the same time like I have nortons internet security 2002 running with my Zone Alarm and this person said for some reason it's not good to run them both , can some one please tell me if it's ok? to run these programs together ? I like to be safe but do not want to do the wrong thing and have it backfire and end up getting a virus or trojan because I'm doing something wrong . thank you for your help on this , You all have been so much help to me , I learn so much in here and am greatful for anything you have to share on this . be safe be happy
  10. Hi all I uninstalled SpyBot S&D it never finds anything I always get the congradulations nothing found on your PC. I use Zone alarm Pro, with Pest Patrol. I also use Ad-Aware, Ad-Aware may find one thing once in awhile. then if I use Spybot S&D it wont ever find anything so I uninstalled it , Im sure it's a great program but if it won't do anything for me I don't see the need to have it . Maybe if I ever have a prob with my pc I may install it for a check to see if it finds anything , BTW I had the beta of Spybot S&D with the immunizer thing and it was gone one day i went to the setup and put a tic on check for any new beta version update and it won't find it again , do they still offer this ? That is another reason I uninstalled spybot S&D I did like the Beta version .
  11. Hi all I seen this Ad on a page. can some one take a look and tell me if this can be done, I seen so many ads saying how they can speed up your download speed and I know that it is just B/S... most times it's a matter of keeping your PC in good health and well maintained, but this seems to be different, so if any one could look at this page and let me know if this is just some gimmick please. Maybe some CO. has really come up with a good thing I would like to know. As for now I have a 56k modem. There may be a way to get a faster download speed for the price advertized on this page . I know some people in here are very smart with computers and can understand things like this far better then i can I just need some one to set me straight on this thank you so much for any help . My Webpage
  12. hello all Is that spyware blocker something like the SpyWare Blaster that I loaded from spyBot S&D ? for extra protection seems to do the same thing some what ..
  13. TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...ZCYWWTPYS0SWUUD how can i get my connection to perform better thank you for any help
  14. Thanks Volt I was just going to ask that same question , I just can't tell you all how much help this forum is to me . I am so happy I found people that know so much about computers that are willing to share what they know and don't make fun of people about things they may not know about computers. and again , thank you all for all your help have a nice day..
  15. My Anti Virus program is Nortons.When it finds a Virus, most times from E-Mail I quarantine it then delete it from there . So it she did well. In outlook Express under Tools/Options click on the Read tab, and you can uncheck the option to ( download anything viewed on the preview pane .) not sure how it's worded im close tho, just make sure that is unchecked ok? hope this helps ......
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