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    I like to work on computers, build small wood products,<br>fishing, hang out at the Pit.

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  1. hello all This is my home PC: Objects removed total,- 2 Total Ad-aware scans,- 14 Objects in ignore list,- 0 Objects quarantined,- 0
  2. How can some one hate there own Computer
  3. Hi all this is my Brothers PC will post mine later: ----------------------------------------------------- Total Ad-Aware Scans, 105 Objects Removed Total, 189 Objects In Ignore, 0 Objects In Quaratined, 0
  4. Hi all I found some interesting reading about gator and Bonzi Buddy, and alot about Spyware stuff and our privicy and laws about it and whats being done , Very interesting reading if you like to take a look , At the bottm of the page are some helpful ways to protect yourself from adware and marketing tricks used to install ActiveX to invade your privicy. http://www.pcworld.com/resource/printable/...d,101916,00.asp
  5. hello How are you Volt ... I just want to Thank you for your help , Have A good day ..
  6. Hi All I did A PC test at the PC pit, and found this : ( C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\CMMON32.EXE ) and it say's no data on it, and as I did a search on it I find it may be some kind of worm or something that I may not want on my PC. Could any one tell me just what it is and if it is safe , useful, needed , or what ever . Reading the pages I have found can be so confusing so I must rely on you experts to Guide me in this matter . Thank you so much for any reply on this Have a nice Day/Night
  7. Hi wholo5 I'm not an expert On computers, I can only tell you what happened to me about a year ago when I had a new PC , but the prob was not with ME. after about 3 Weeks I got the same blue screen message you have now and when I took it to a shop the found that one of my memory sticks was fried and the other one was well on its way out, at first i could get it to start back up then it got worse and worse with that same blue screen and message, till it just would not start any more. So it seems when i put it together i some how did not set something right in my bios lol . well that was what ha
  8. Welcome to the brigade rhamton I'm sure you will enjoy this place alot I sure do, great ppl here and I am sure you will fit right in .
  9. Thanks for the update alert triplea. I would forget about it If I don't see it in here I don't check for Spyware Blaster Updates as often as I should, I forget I have it sometimes .
  10. hi all just like to know something , when I open the page PC Pitstop, I get a cookie called Tribalfusion can some one tell me what this cookie is for ? I'm sure it must be used for log in or some thing like that .. Right ? thanks
  11. Hi guy's yes it took me many tries to download the updates for spybot S&D but I got it I did go to the spybot S&D forum posted above, and was getting the errors that they posted in there, but after trying a few times I finnally got it, so all I can say is just keep trying. There server seem to be very busy from what I read on their forum. Good Luck
  12. thanks but i went to google and found out how, thank you so much for your reply
  13. hi I get that same popup on my PC if i don't have ZA on . hey Volt that link did not work I will do a search any way if ya can't find it Google it i guess
  14. Hi I like KaZAa Lite but today for the 2nd time i cought a virus downloading from there , good thing I had my AVG virus program running so be careful ok
  15. Hi Yes I have Zone Alarm pro 3.7 now that they just gave me an upgrade, and I also have Pest Patrol. I just formated the other day and tried a few other things for the heck of it and ther is no way I can live without my ZA and Pest Patrol . I also use the Ad-Aware and SpyBot S&D be safe be happy got rid of my Nortons internet security, my nortons was ready for renewal any ways, so pfft out it goes and in with the free AVG I also love that lil proggie AVG, it works just fine. oops coffee is ready hehe have a nice day hope I help you with your program needs have a nice day/night
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