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  1. It claims I have almost 400 problem files which will cause problems, somehow I don't believe them and theres no way I'm going to hand over cash just to see what they're going to do about it. As far as I can see, this bit of software checks for missing files etc and thats all. Not worth $65 of my hard earned cash.
  2. its a bit vague, got anymore info on this?
  3. how long did it stop for? Mine does the same but if you leave it for a few minutes then it should carry on.
  4. works wonders, I've liberated another 900mb of hd space!
  5. Do you want to erase all the data on a hard drive? I really wouldn't use a magnet if I was you.
  6. The main problem is if i go to my documents and open up the folder of jpegs i usually get a preview window as soon as i click on a jpeg, I don't get that anymore.
  7. I'd personally use something like net nanny, As its more than one kid using your p.c what if the others were to see some of the sites he's been looking at?
  8. Yep its all checked, Can't see whats caused it.
  9. I've got windows 98SE and using Irfanview to view all my jpegs but for some reason I've lost the ability to preview the pic when i click on it, I now have to double click the icon to see the picture in a new window. How can I put it back to the way it was?
  10. Thanks, but it didn't pick it up. Hmm just ran another scan with panda and its no longer there! very strange indeed.
  11. Can't seem to find anything about it, :help: Don't really want to go through the route of wiping out my hard drive just yet!
  12. Just found out that I have Trj/Downloader.Gen Panda picked it up but swat it couldn't. Panda couldn't clean it and I can't seem to find the file to be able to delete it using cyber scrub. Any Advice?
  13. I've been getting messages back from mailer daemon saying that a e-mail I have sent contains a virus therefore could not be delivered. I have not sent these e-mails in the first place and have done a full virus scan with pc-cillin and have also checked for trojans and bots and have come up clean. Anything else I can check for?
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