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    Dell Inspiron 3500, celeron,64mb,4g,cdrom,win98se,<br>ISP 56k
  1. YES! the winsock tool worked.....got on and went to update and downloaded ie6 and othr updates for the machine. Thanks! by the way, what exactly does this tool do or fix? I am curious as to what the actual problem might have been. Thanks to all for the help! Greatly Appreciated! foo
  2. ok, have downloaded the winsock repair tool, will try it now. i do have a shortcut as well as the original icon on desktop, both work, or dont work, the same. Yes, that is my problem, I connect to my ISP no problem, but when i bring up IE it will not operate.....says dns error....cant find server.... ?????? so i can connect but not actually do anything with the connection! i have an win98 first edition cd from a previous pc, when i go to install the ie5.exe file, it wants to connect to the internet to download it from miscrosoft site. ??????
  3. no ie6 anywhere. ie5 wants to download from the net, so does netscape (that i transfer wizarded).....says transmittion error, or dns error.... why couldnt i install ie5 from my win98 first edition disc?....it wants to connect to internet and download from web when i use the ie5.exe file. ???????????? I'm lost!
  4. no reg problems, no win problems....maybe it was previously repaired, but continues not to function. ????? is that possible? have you ever used the transport wizard on norton to copy a program to another computer?....wonder if that will work?
  5. it doesnt have msie. i've looked through all the folders under support and no ie6.exe ie6setup.exe . it must not be on systemworks 2000. (?) i guess i could always order a navigator disc.
  6. not seeing it on norton 2000 disc? is ie6 on it? or would it be 5.5 or something?..... anyway, i cant find it.
  7. IE doesnt show up in the ADD/REMOVE options. I do have a Win98 first edition disc.....and......Norton Systemworks 2000. Will I need to uninstall or delete the IE i now have? anyway, what is the process?
  8. DirectX Diagnostic Tool Windows Report Tool Update Wizard Uninstall System File Checker Signiture Verification Tool Registry Checker Automatic Skip Driver Agent Dr. Watson System Configuration Utility ScanDisk Version Conflict Manager
  9. hmmmm, it doesnt show an IE repair tool. other tools, but not that one..????
  10. i have an ISP which i connect to via phoneline. i use LT win modem, when i made a new dial-up, i copied all of my settings from my home pc to this laptop (tcp/ip dns settings).... i am checking my dns settings in my network neighborhood now.....may be the problem......nope! i do not have the win98se disc, can i still repair it in add/remove?
  11. no AOL.....this is a local ISP. I dont understand why it will connect and just sit there, and Internet Explorer will not load or connect to anything. ????????
  12. i'm running win98se.....i have checked the internet options, tcp/ip , dns, dial-up networking...all that i know to check....everything looks to be the same as my home pc, but it wont work. I dont know what else to check or do.
  13. Hi, I just got this old laptop and transfered all my isp setting over to it.....and it will connect, but i cannot get IE to do anything! It gives a error message something about not being able to find a network connection. I have been through all the tcp/ip, dns settings, they are all exactly like my home pc, but it still refuses to work. I cannot get to microsoft/update, or any of the pc pitstop tools, or anywhere for that matter. The driver is functioning for the modem, .....i'm at a loss. any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!! foo
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