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  1. "Firsts" are really hard,falloutgod13, and your loss sounds still raw (unsurprisingly). Having lost both my parents in the last few years, I know that the "first" Christmas, birthday, anniversay, etc is really difficult (not that the following ones are massively easier either). Life does go on, but memories are important. Don't collect headaches too often, and I hope that the holidays aren't too, too difficult for you; I guess you'll get by anyway you can. I'm waiting for more fresh snow. I like the look of it
  2. SL10


    I'm sure it'll be a great boost for the site (and the existing Advisors!) - welcome to the new people
  3. Some of the Universities are running MS Certified Courses - worth a look at maybe? I think they'll also be able to give you an appraisal of what is likely to be of the most use to you within different parts of the industry http://www3.shu.ac.uk/TrainingFoundry/mstracks.cfm (cost on here) http://www.microsoft.sunderland.ac.uk/micr...tification.html The £150 course sounds very, very cheap by comparison
  4. Well, strangely, Bruce (and I didn't realise it was your site and that you've been working on it long time!), I just noticed the link in a post of yours this evening whilst sitting in the same room as someone contemplating Linux. So, I emailed them the link (that's how we communicate these days when we're in the same room lol). I just remembered you're a fan of Linux and looked in the Linux forum. I know nothing about Linux, but it looks very informative. So, many thanks - I hope that it helps the person I sent the link to
  5. Bless the BBC - no advertising And as a standby, because we have advertising on other channels....I love my hard drive recorder.
  6. I'm with The Dude on this one. Exactly same about my keyboard.
  7. Wishing you all the very best for Christmas, dickster (and to all the other Pitsters too!)
  8. Very well put! And I agree wholeheartedly!
  9. Good work! It's nice to get the public recognition
  10. 46 - somewhat nerdy. In fact it's not a word in my vocabulary, and I think I was discriminated against because I'm not American. But i do know the periodic table of elements
  11. Don't care...it'd be lovely to have lunch at all. The view would be a bonus....I think.... :stars:
  12. The biggest give away to me (apart from it being from the FBI and mentioning ATM cards) is the bad use of capital letters where they have no place (sorry, stormy13, I couldn't help but get onto this lol)
  13. A tad late... but hope you had a lovely birthday too, Bruce
  14. Spot on, JoSiEBeLLe. pets can be the greatest and most undemanding company Take the padding with claws out as a compliment, The Dude, as long as it's not too painful!. It shows affection and feeling very comfortable with you. Declawing is cruel and unnecessary, but I do clip the very end (just a mm or so) of the front claws of a couple of my cats from time to time (the vet can show you the technique). The effect doesn't last too long though, I must say!
  15. She's a lovely-looking (but thin) part-tabby. You have no choice now - she's adopted you If she's been living rough for a while, she might well have been catching rodents/birds (and probably will continue to indulge in a little sport of the same in the future), then do get her wormed as well as everything else. Worms can cause all sorts of health problems, so a dose of medication every three months or so is a cheap and wise idea.
  16. An achievement of note as far as I can see On the 45th anniversary of a great speech. "We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline". http://www.usconstitution.net/dream.html
  17. Enjoy a birthday or two when you get chance - belated Happy Birthday wishes Bill
  18. It's summer here, Jacee, and very early too That, is the least like a yard I've ever seen! It's lovely. In my area, a "yard" signifies some space at the back of the house that isn't a garden, and is most likely paved and with no flowers/greenery to speak of. What you have is... garden
  19. You just can't keep a good woman down Take it easy though, JoSiEBeLLe, and get well soon
  20. A very Happy Birthday to you both
  21. Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas
  22. Guess it was a good one, Wigan? Happy Birthday, belatedly
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