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  1. sry didnt i thank u im truly sry. The only thing is i dont like :filtered: on my own door step but i used to be a regular here and realised beer was a better buzz (ive not been online for a while)but i lost all my links for my av's and cheap downloads(free) to bill gates and mr bloody norton av/ and symatech(up your a**** u2) you told me what i knew all i really needed was a quick link(without pop up ads) for kazza but dont think i aint greatful man thanx for answering my Q anyways man have a stella from a tight :filtered: jock(thats scottish if u didnt know)
  2. looking at my first post my system is naked all it has is the free firewall with xp at the moment so i need some good av progs i know about avg and panda need one to run constantly
  3. hi tibul, I had more damn firewalls anti virus and spyware killers than u could imagine man and still got stung (dunno why though as im normally quite switched on) I Blame the STELLA http://bring-it-on-you-spyware-numptys.co.uk/
  4. thanx u2 thats why i need the quick link to kazza lite as i have privacy/security at max now till i get za pro and avg so why i cant i donwload kazza lite i had it b4 but i aint accepting no licence from the GATOR FIRM!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I Just wish i didnt know what to do b4 but i just done it 2 hours ago damn bloooooooooooooo?dy viruses good info just what i done and decided on xp home instead of xp pro just need a quick link to kazza lite as i have so much protection on now Keep up the good work guys/girls Coops
  6. Hiya All, I Just had to format my hdd and and am in need of a quick link to download kazaa lite Thanx in anticipation DAMN :censored: VIRUSES ALL THIS BLOOMIN SOFTWARE and it still doesnt work(so much for norton they can shove it if they want anymore of my dosh) I need a good anti-virus program as i thought norton anti virus and system works would of been good enough but OH NO JUST LIKE BILL GATES they promise everything and deliver :censored: all any ideas?????????? Cheers Coops (with no avatar as he lost his pics too) managed to keep 6 Gb of music (phee
  7. What do you do with your computer to need 2Gb of Ram Do you run a country as for upgrading to Xp I'm biassed as i use Xp so I would say if you need the extra utilities and you got all that extra money for that colosal amount of memory go for it but depending what your using your computer for, if it's just surfing and gaming then i would stick with the system you got but add another 256Mb of memory more if you want (not necessary) it will save you the money and you still got a good system Hope it's helped but if not have a instead Ps The is GOD
  8. I wouldnt even of wasted my time reading it. So it looks like these scammers actually get attention, that kinda stuff should just be put into the junk bin in the sky Top Tip Don't waste your time reading crud like that
  9. More info here debbie http://www.bitdefender.com/virusi/virusi_d...php?virus_id=27 Hope it helps you, you might be able to find it if it's still about
  10. Hi Radio, Ive tried the second option but there is no reference to it i followed what it said in the google search but ill try the first option now Ta Mate
  11. Last problem i hope from me, I've done the google search for this but never got the weed icon next to the clock but my problem is i can't seem to rapair or get rid of it i've tried what others have replied on the search but to no avail so in idiot talk(thats all i know) any ideas how to get rid. :aaw: Pro found a trojen last time i ran it and i got rid of it but now seem to get this missing system32.exe message at startup all the time. I suppose i could just leave my comp switched on all the time and i'll never see that message again but it's just annoying to know after all
  12. Cheers I'll try it now I never thought of trying that
  13. Hi Folks, Just a wee Big problem with spybot, everytime i run it, it seems to freeze when running 'bot check -C2.lop-' I've tried uninstalling but cannot seem to remove it it keeps saying cannot delete SDhelper.dll, Access Denied the file isnt currently in use either as ive closed it in task mgr. One more thing i recently found a trojen with :aaw: pro and deleted it. I also cannot delete msn messenger and it's really beginning to bug me. Dunno how the trojen got on the comp as im running za 6 pro, Norton av 2003 Pro, Norton Internet security 2003, i use panda online at tim
  14. i did it for real but now i feel guilty to my wife now i hate this test last time i tell the truth from now on im gonna be a liar http://www.spywareinfo.com/
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