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  1. Cheers I'll try it now I never thought of trying that
  2. Hi Folks, Just a wee Big problem with spybot, everytime i run it, it seems to freeze when running 'bot check -C2.lop-' I've tried uninstalling but cannot seem to remove it it keeps saying cannot delete SDhelper.dll, Access Denied the file isnt currently in use either as ive closed it in task mgr. One more thing i recently found a trojen with :aaw: pro and deleted it. I also cannot delete msn messenger and it's really beginning to bug me. Dunno how the trojen got on the comp as im running za 6 pro, Norton av 2003 Pro, Norton Internet security 2003, i use panda online at times too so i thought my computer would be kinda safe (im not paranoid just like to be safe) Any ideas to fix spybot and get rid of messenger ive tried running in safe mode but it still says the same Cheers Coops http://www.spyblocker-software.com/spyblocker/
  3. Hi Folks I go away for a wee while and look what happens Not long ago this was a place i came for some better jokes and funny comments now it's turning into a gripe discussion. we all have views and they may not be the same as others but lets try and play happy there is enough issues at the moment without fighting amongst ourselves so to lighten the air a wee bit.. What's The Difference Between A Piece Of Toast And The French? You Can Make A Soldier Out Of A Piece Of Toast.. Now That Isn't Supposed To Offend Any French It's Just A Wee Bit Of Humour. I'm scottish im used to having jokes made about us but its just friendly stuff and it isnt going to hurt me physicaly So thats my wee bit over Take Care y'all Coops http://www.spywareinfo.com/
  4. C:\my shared folder\download..........then the numbers.......dat First one says unable to repair this file then the second after pressing ok says access to the file was denied and it keeps going for :censored: ages when i press ok it just keeps showing the same log http://grc.com/optout.htm
  5. Hey Radio, Ive Had it before and norton repaired the file but this time it cannot get access to the file whenever i goto my downloads i dont even need to click the file, if i point to it norton comes up with the usual virus screen but says cannot access file then file not repaired???? I'll try gladi.... now Cheers http://grc.com/optout.htm
  6. Hey all, Didnt think it would happen to me ive got more anti virus programs running than any other but good old kazza lite managed to give me a wee virus called HLLP.Handy.. I know all about it, but norton anti virus 2003 pro and panda virus cannot get access to repair/remove it and i cannot delete the file. Its happened b4 and ive got rid of it but i reckon this one is more clever or i'm getting a wee bit dumber im normally quite good at this. ive tried in safe mode too but to no avail... any ideas will be greatly appreciated God Speed To Our Men And Women Out In Iraq (I'll Be Out With You Soon Enough) http://grc.com/optout.htm
  7. ok not quite as good as a lot of you but hey its good enough for now. New speed 414.2 kilobits per second Run the test again Discuss in the forum Coops http://grc.com/optout.htm
  8. Perfect Thanx for that i'm a wee bit daft for not thinking about going there, but hey it's bloody freezing here i'm allowed a wee brain snooze every now and again Coops. If Ignorance is bliss... Why aren't more people Happy????? Edit: thanx dave i know i need ma bed http://grc.com/optout.htm
  9. im just up from a beginner so tell me please what does tcp recieve window mean also it was set a hella lot higher b4 this is the new d/l speed Text Block Size 200 KB Download Time 4397 ms Receive Buffer 64240 bytes Transmission Speed 364 Kb/s and another straight after is .... Text Block Size 200 KB Download Time 7091 ms Receive Buffer 64240 bytes Transmission Speed 226 Kb/s Edit: Again... Download Time 4437 ms Receive Buffer 64240 bytes Transmission Speed 361 Kb/s It's looking better thanx for that http://grc.com/optout.htm
  10. Network card?? Thats a bit of a grey subject for me i have an external usb modem its an alcatel speed touch adsl modem. I've tried the xp tweaks and so forth but what your saying to do doesn't quite compute any other ideas. http://grc.com/optout.htm
  11. Hiya All, I'll be out gator bashing as soon as i'm finished with Saddam but at the rate it's going i'm never gonna be out there if i don't get the right kit (hope your logged on Tony Blair) but i will keep a hold of ma gun for all those gators and spy's everywere Coops http://grc.com/optout.htm
  12. sry adsl Edit: its getting worse Download Time 11797 ms Receive Buffer 256960 bytes Transmission Speed 136 Kb/s Edit - Edit: straight after last test Download Time 5688 ms Receive Buffer 256960 bytes Transmission Speed 281 Kb/s dont understand these tests iv'e had nothing downloading so why can i get 2 totally bizzare readings?? http://grc.com/optout.htm
  13. what do you mean what type of broadband?? Pardon my ignorance http://grc.com/optout.htm
  14. is this a good connection for broadband?? Bandwidth Down 245 Kbits/sec Bandwidth Up 228 Kbits/sec Edit: That was on the pit test http://grc.com/optout.htm
  15. How does -20 (with wind chill sound) Its about to snow here again. and the temp is totally true Edit: I forgot to mention 80mph winds too http://grc.com/optout.htm
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