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  1. The errors are very similar to errors generated when you are infected with the haxdoor virus. Microsoft has it listed here. I don't know if this is what you have but I would do some scanning just to be safe. P.S. I saw you talking to yourself so I thought I would pop in to keep you from going crazy!
  2. Check in device manager and see if the usb ports have an exclamation point in any of them. To get there, right click on my computer, properties, hardware tab, device manager button. Scroll down to universal serial bus controlers. Make sure nothing is plugged into any usb port. If there is a exclamation piont there, highlight it and delete it, exit out and reboot the machine to let windows reload that port. You may need to get a registry cleaner to clean up any remnents left behind from un-installing all that software. Basicaly, you want to start all over except this time, install all the software and drivers before you plug in that dongle.
  3. Did you install the drivers before plugging the dongle in? Most usb type devices require that the software and drivers be installed first. I found this on another board that might help you out. Read the reply to his question. Let us know if it helps.
  4. Try again only this time, turn off system restore before you run the scans. Maybe that will help.
  5. After reading the removal instructions for look2me I did notice that nothing was mentioned of turning off system restore before you begin. Did you turn that off first? (start, programs, accessories, system tools, system restore) Just wasting your time if you didn't. Once you reboot, it will be back.
  6. Broadjump is installed by some ISPs internet setup software. It is considered spyware. That is probably part of the reason your CPU is running at 37%. Sometimes, you can uninstall it without any problems through the add/remove section of control panel. As for the System File Checker, that was a small program included in Win 9x that would scan your system for any corrupt system files and give you a chance to extract a new one to replace any it found to be corrupt. That program was not included in Win ME. It was replaced with System File Protection. Microsoft's explaination here.
  7. Probably bios boot up password it's asking for. One way would be to remove the internal battery for a little while, but you would have to open the laptop up to remove it. There are numerous tools you can "Google" for that can help and there are "other ways" that we can't discuss here due to forum rules. You can find a way...........
  8. First things to do would be to follow the Pit test suggestions for the problems it found. You have 239 meg of junk files that can be deleted. Your max IE cache is way too high.....turn it down to the recommended sizes. Also fix the restricted zones in IE. Fix all this and retest. Forgot to mention I think in Win ME, System File Checker was removed and replaced with the Windows File Protection...which always runs in the background.
  9. Go to control panel, administrative tools, services. Look for Still Image service. Make sure it is started. If not, right click on it and select properties. Look for startup type about midways down in the box. Should say automatic. If it doesn't, change it to automatic and just below that click the start button to start the service. Then click apply and ok. Reboot your computer and make sure the scanner is turned on first. See if it will now work. Let us know.
  10. Looks like there is a different XPdriver on the download page from Cannon. Might give it a try. Download page
  11. I ran this one for a long time. Seems to do a good job.
  12. Are you trying to use the CS driver? It won't work with XP according to this article.
  13. According to this, there is no XP drivers for that plotter. You might try e-mailing them. Their webpage
  14. The way I read the post... I assume it is asking for the cd because it needs the driver for the adapter card. Once the card is installed then you can download. If that is the problem...do you have to use the card for dialup or is there a phone line jack built into the laptop? If you have a phone line jack built in...then don't install the card until you can obtain the drivers it is looking for from the Win98 CD. Create a new connection using dialup. You can use the same phone line because it is analog. The DSL line is a digital line. Your download speed will be much slower than the DSL. SInce you are using 2 laptops...can you not obtain the files you need from the other one or is it a different OS?
  15. Signman

    very slow

    Uninstall Google Earth and see if your speeds increase. That program wrecks havoc on some pc's. Juliet gave you a link for the bwgo.exe.
  16. I think I would do a repair install of XP. Seems that something is not right about that install this time.
  17. Well, you might read this. Spyware? Says it occupies almost 60% of your processor. I would be leary of this program.
  18. KD, does it give you the name of the files that fail to register? You can manually register them by using the Start, Run, type regsvr32 "name of file" (without quotes) and click ok.
  19. Do you have 2 cd/dvd drives on that machine? If so, try using another optical drive to install from the cd. I remember reading somewhere about a problem with some optical drives during XP setup. Don't remember where I saw that ........if I find it....I'll post a link to it.
  20. Chop, I found a listing of 82 drivers .......here. Need to know which modem he has. I guess he could just try the most common ones if all else fails. Maybe the Belarc Adviser will identify which one he has. Theoldgardener has a good suggestion.....thanks!
  21. Could it be an AOPEN model MS2117? I found drivers for AOPEN but we need to know what modem card is in there.
  22. Post a Pit test for us to look at. Maybe we can see something there. Have you tried any of the online scans to see if you have a nasty that is not being picked up with your scanners? TechExpress how to
  23. You don't by any chance have Wareout Spyware Remover do you? I found this.
  24. I just finished setting mine up last night. I also had a few problems. First, you say you are using WEP. Is it set to 64 bit or 128 bit encryption. Some cards are not as compatable. Try using 64 bit instead of 128. Another thing, you will have to enter the key "generated in setup" for each wireless computer. Also, are you using the mac filtering option? If so, the mac address of each computer needs to be entered into the router.
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