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  1. Silly question............is the hard drive the only drive on that cable? If not, I would try unplugging the other device then give it another go.
  2. Well, just as I suspected.....you have a bunch of Sony stuff running at startup. Most all of the "Sony" stuff can be turned off from running at startup. I would say that's where most of your memory problem is. Most everything in blue can safely be turned off. My Vaio had most of that stuff running too. You might leave Cryptainer and TCP services running but I would turn everything else highlighted in blue off and see how much better it will run. But if you really want a big improvement, upgrade to 1 gig of ram.
  3. Viao's have a lot of stuff running at startup by default too so it might be worth posting a Tech Express test link so we can have a look.
  4. Power supply never crossed my mind when I added drives to my old PIII-550 Gateway! I had a CD-Rom, CD/RW, floppy A drive and an Iomega tape backup drive in mine. Never gave me a bit of trouble. I don't know to this day what size power supply is in it........maybe I should take a look.
  5. Do you have admin privileges from your logon account? If so, click on "start", right click "my computer", select "manage", on the left side of the box, click the + sign beside "services and applications", click "services". On the right side of the box, scroll down to "print spooler" and right click on it and select "properties". In the middle of the screen you will see "startup type".....if it is not set to "automatic", change it to "automatic", then just below that, click the start button if it is available, click apply and OK. That should start the print spooler and keep it running autom
  6. You might try to run it in "compatibility mode" Click on linky
  7. My Dell 8400 system I bought last year has a restore partition...hit F11 at boot when you see a black screen with a bright blue strip across the top.....got to be fast to catch it. Then it will completely wipe/reinstall partition #2, which is the main XP partition. The software will then appear exactly as it did "out of the box". On the next boot you will be presented with the Dell EULA and service tag screens, followed by the Microsoft OOBE (out-of-box-experience) "welcome" routine. There will be nothing left from the previous XP installation - no registry, data files, or any programs you
  8. I downloaded some manuals from this guy on E-Bay. He has about everything you can think of. If all else fails, give him a shot.
  9. I said it months ago...........something was up with the forum. Most of the regulars were not around anymore...or at least not posting as usual. I think they have moved on to other forums. Just my opinion but I feel like it was because of all the bickering going on. Something said....someone replies....didn't like what was said or the way it was said...etc. etc. I come here daily and read mostly U2U and GD. I'm thankful that there are still a few left here that can answer my questions...when I have them. I would rather come here than sit on the phone waiting for 45 minutes for a tech th
  10. Since you're running XP....this one is pretty good and faster than the built in defrag. Free too!
  11. You have a couple options........ 1. Easiest way...Run Ad-aware and instead of deleting what it finds...quarantine them. That way if you have a problem just restore them. 2. Create a restore point in "System Restore" then delete what it finds.
  12. Sorry, I just noticed you are running XP Home edition in which gpedit is not avaliable. I found this. Look across to the right from #57...restore the run command. I don't know if it will work or not. May be worth a try.
  13. Give this a try... 1. Open gpedit by double clicking on 'gpedit.msc' (C:\WINNT\system32\gpedit.msc) 2. Open 'User configuration' -> 'Administrative Templates' ->'Start Menu & Toolbar' 3. In the right pane find 'Remove Run from start menu' and double click on it 4. See if it has been disabled. If it has been ..click enable, apply, and ok.
  14. All of my 5 beep constantly when the power goes out. If it's out for any length of time, I have to physically turn them off to keep from going crazy! All of mine are APC brand.
  15. Might also check in device manager for any conflicts. Controler (maybe) (drivers)
  16. Norton...........could be the slowdown. Disable it and see if your speed increases...if so...then you found the trouble. Norton is a huge resource hog.
  17. Deans, since you are running W2K, see if this Microsoft fix will take care of the blank items.
  18. Wigan, I don't know if this applies to your situation but it sure sounds like what you have going on there. Scroll down to the bottom and see the reply posted by "Beg4Mercy". LINKY
  19. Gimp supports PNG format. LINKY Scroll down the page.
  20. Some people like AOL.....some don't. I have removed AOL junk from computers plenty of times....as Joe says...it's like a virus, it's everywhere. True, it is everywhere but there is no need for a "uninstall code" from them....it can be manually removed without it......takes a little time but it can be done.
  21. Don't give Brandon the "big head"! Just kidding...he's a good guy! Here's another free one to try!
  22. Could also hold down the "alt" key, type "64" and release the "alt" key.............................complete list here.
  23. I remember a while back, folks were having trouble like this after removing Easy CD Creator from XP. Their fix was to delete the upper and lower filters in the registry. Don't know if this will apply to your problem or not but here is the link from Microsoft. Good luck.
  24. He's probably talking about the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. Neat little program. Check out the LINKY
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