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  1. (On XP) Right click My Computer -> Properties. Click on the tab that is labeled Advanced. Click on Environment Variables. Scroll down in the window 'System Variables' until you see 'Path'. The path needs to be like the one below...




  2. The cmos battery in that laptop is called a RTC battery. They run about 15 to 20 bucks. You can probably install it yourself with the help of the service manual here. Look under Removal and Replacement Procedures...5.10 "Real Time" clock.


    If you are not mechanically inclined...I would suggest you get a competent computer repair shop to replace it for you since it involves opening up the laptop. That service may run as much as 75.00.


    I have noticed you started another thread here that seems to be the same thing. Please try to keep all your related questions in the first thread so we can follow what's being done to help you. I believe once you replace the cmos battery, you will be ok. :)

  3. Is this on a laptop or desktop computer? Believe it or not, Word requires a "printer" of some type to be installed. Some other suggestions here.



    I just noticed you have a thread here pertaining to a printer starting up. From the replies, if you have disabled the printer at startup, maybe that is why you are having trouble with Word starting up................like I said.....it needs a printer to function properly.

  4. Anybody know if there has been a fix discovered for this XP problem without removing the pictures from the "My Pictures" folder. I never had this problem until yesterday after a disk defragment. Now, when I go to change my wallpaper, all my pictures in the "MY Pictures" folder are listed as a selection as well as the default wallpapers. I have looked around for a solution but I don't want to remove all my pictures from that folder. I know I can move them to another folder and create a shortcut to that folder as a workaround.....just thought someone might have discovered a cure for the problem. :unsure:

  5. If you have another empty slot inside the case, try moving the video card to another slot. It may be trying to use a IRQ that is already in use. Look in device manager (right click my computer, properties, hardware, device manager button) and see if there is a yellow exclaimation mark beside the card. Also F2 or F12 might get you into bios.


    It could also be bad drivers. Might not hurt to update the video drivers.

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