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  1. Sir T... if you're using a router/modem...unplug them from the power for a few minutes to reset them. Sometimes that will restore your connections to normal speed.
  2. Whatever you do....DON'T TRY THIS ON A VISTA 64 BIT MACHINE! It will screw it up. It causes windows explorer to go into a starting/restarting mode that you can't get out of. The screen flashes and refreshes over and over not allowing you to click anything. Even safe mode does the same thing. I spent about a hour this past weekend removing this from my work computer! Dispite all the suggested ways to remove it, the only way I could do it was through "safe mode with command prompt". You have to use dos commands to delete the folder...once you navigate to the place you put it!
  3. Keith , the Jave applet on my Vista 64 bit system is in the 32 bit control panel items.....in the main control panel. Click on the Java control panel to open it then, on the update tab. There you will need to remove the check mark beside "check for updates automatically". A warning box will open that lets you check to "never" check for updates.
  4. You may also try installing updated drivers for your network card, and maybe a good malware scan just in case.
  5. You can try this. It should get it back for you
  6. Keith, have a read here and see if anything applies to your situation. Device manager may have a hidden "wake on" or it could be a usb mouse...
  7. Keith, I can think of 3 items in bios that will do that. 1..Wake on lan 2..Power on by ring 3..Wake up by PCI card You've probably missed one somewhere. I did on one at work that did the same thing. I missed the wake up by PCI card on it. Once that was disabled everything was ok and it stayed shut down.
  8. That's the same one I have......I better keep an eye out ....
  9. Set it up on the machine.... From the users manual.. To print a fax call report 1. On the device control panel, press MENU. 2. Use the < or the > button to select Reports, and then press ENTER. 3. Use the < or the > button to select Fax Call report, and then press ENTER. 4. Press ENTER to select Print report now. The device exits the menu settings and prints the report. Note To set the fax call report to print automatically, see Setting print times for the fax call report. Setting print times for the fax call report You can set the device to print a fax call report after any of the following events: ● Every fax error (the factory-set default) ● Send fax error ● Receive fax error ● Every fax ● Send fax only ● Never Note If you select Never, you will have no indication that a fax failed to be transmitted unless you print a fax activity log. To set the print times for the fax call report Use the following steps to set when the fax call report is printed: 1. On the device control panel, press MENU. 2. Use the < or the > button to select Reports, and then press ENTER. 3. Use the < or the > button to select Fax Call report, and then press ENTER. 4. Press the > button once to select Print report, and then press ENTER. 5. Use the < or the > button to select the option for when you want the fax call reports to be printed. 6. Press ENTER to save your selection. The following print-time options are available: ● Every error: The device prints a report each time an error occurs. ● Send error: The device prints a report when an error occurs while the device is sending a fax. ● Receive error: The device prints a report when an error occurs while the device is receiving a fax. ● Every fax: The device prints a report when a fax is sent or received. ● Send fax only: The device prints a report when a fax is sent. ● Never: A report is never printed.
  10. Will do duanester....I'm just going to download it for now and burn it to disk. The computer I'm going to try it on is stored in my "got to be here somewhere" basement! I'll need to pick up a spare monitor before I can use the machine. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks guys for the info..
  12. duanester, the properties of my "C" drive indicate that it is a NTFS file system. I use IE 6.0.2900 on a XP Pro service pk 3 system. Here's the screen shot.... http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=xeo85j&s=5 I'm going to try to download it again tonight on my home system.....maybe I'll be able to get it there.
  13. Just a quick question....I am trying to download this thing to try out. It tells me that IE won't handle downloading it and the videos without using a different browser or a download manager????? (4 gb limit in IE) Do I need the videos? Will it work without them?
  14. The sites you want to go to may be blocked in the host file too. Check the file and see if they are being blocked. C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc Look for the file called "Hosts" and open it in notepad. You should see a list something like the following.. For example: # # rhino.acme.com # source server # x.acme.com # x client host localhost http://forums.pcpitstop.com http://www.microsoft.com Anything listed above the local host will not be found by your browser..."page not found". Anything below that should be found. This is how some folks block unwanted sites. Add the sites you want to visit like the example above for Microsoft and save the file then try again.
  15. If you are comfortable editing the registry, you can try the tricks here. Be warned that editing the registry can render your computer useless...so be careful. Back up first!
  16. That link for the XL_setup.exe seems to go nowhere. It doesn't seem to be pointing to the correct location of the file to download. It's telling you the problem is in line (1) of the codeing. Check that and make sure it is correct.
  17. Depends on your version of bios...but look in there for something along the line of "Power Managment" ...turn off "wake on lan", "power on by ring", and "wake up by PCI card".
  18. 8210Guy is correct. But, you need to have the "Preview Pane" turned off in Outlook in order to keep the pic from showing up in the body of the message. It's showing because it's not turned off in yours or your recepient's e-mail. Here's how to do it... Turn off preview pane
  19. Check your margins for the document on the Vista machine. Are they the same as the XP machine? I have a 7200 series but I don't use Vista.
  20. That computer should have a restore partition on it. Reboot the system and as soon as you see the Dell logo, a black screen will appear with a bright blue line across the top of the monitor that says Dell.com. This only appears for a couple seconds as the computer boots. As soon as you see this screen, hit the keys "ctrl" and "F11" at the same time. You got to be quick or you will miss it. May take a couple times to get it right. Once you get it right a restore screen will appear that should put the computer back to the way it came from the factory.
  21. Have you tried to delete the partition and recreate it and then reformat to Fat32 through "Disk Management"......right click My Computer, Manage, Storage, Disk Management? The reason Windows won't give you the option to format from NTFS to Fat32 is Fat32 is the "old" format and they want to get away from that....hence the NTFS format. You'll probably have to delete the partition and start over. Also a third party utility such as Partition Magic may be usefull.
  22. All I did was highlight everything you want (all 25 tweaks), under "file" select "print", when the print box opens, put a tick in the "selection" instead of "all", click ok and print......It gave me 5 pages.
  23. WIndows Live Messenger update apparently caused the problem....seems like you're not alone. READ
  24. Well, after looking through Grisoft's site, I have figured out why AVG 8 won't install correctly on my W2K Pro machine. Seems that AVG 8 won't install correctly if the disk drive is not formatted NTFS. My disk is setup for fat32 file system. According to Grisoft's site, an update to correct this problem will come out in mid June. So, if you're having trouble that the update database is disabled, and the auto updating don't work, along with a couple registry handles missing.......then check to see what format your disk is using. This is probably your problem.
  25. Been trying for 2 days now to get AVG 8 to install correctly on my W2K Pro machine. No go. After installation it reports that the database is disabled...not to mention 3 error messages. I guess I'll try Antivir and see what happens.
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