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  1. I saw this one commin'!! :mrgreen: Now Volt, calm down.......

    I have never seen such garbage masquerading as software in my life!!!  It took me hours to get that crap off my machine,,it invades every nook and cranny,,just flat takes over the machine.


    .........what about AOL? :mrgreen::mrgreen:

  2. I'm not sure if you can get to a c:\ prompt, but if you can try this. This also works as a system checkup. This is how you would perform this IN windows XP.


    1.) Click start

    2.) Run

    3.) type CMD then click OK

    4.) in window type cd c:\ to change to C:\ prompt if not already there

    5.) at c:\ prompt type sfc /scannow WITH YOUR WINDOWS XP DISK IN DRIVE!


    It will varify your system against the disc and copy any files to their correct home if they are corrupt or missing. I hope this helps you or any other reader.

  3. Use Winzip and a CD burner. Start Winzip, click on file, new archive, select your CD burner, name the file in the file name area, click ok. The next box that opens will be the Add box. Select the drive that the files to be copied are on. Then select files, click add button. This will add them to your cd. If that cd fills up, you will be prompted to insert another cd.

  4. Most computers I know of has a volume control icon (in the form of a yellow speaker) resting in the system tray (beside the clock). Most also have a "mixer or equalizer" there too. Have you checked to make sure the volume control is not turned down or muted in BOTH places? I wouldn't go poking around inside the tower just yet. Do you have your earphones plugged into the correct jack in the back of the computer? There should be a stamped on indicator mark or color coded jacks on the soundcard to show you where to plug them in. I know you've heard this before, but just check and make sure. Sometimes, it's the simple things we overlook or assume we have done. I do it all the time!

  5. If I remember correctly, My onboard modem defaulted to com 1. Try to force your new modem card to install on com 1. I think that's what I did. It's been a very long time ago........that thing was a DX 25mhz....I upgraded it to a 550meg HD and a new processor to get a whopping DX 2-50.....wow.

  6. The run box usually has the last item that was typed and run listed there. That's no big deal, when you start typing it will change to what you are typing. We are allways glad to help out, so our time is not wasted. If you decide to try again just post back to this thread and we can help you.

  7. A lot of your "Real" stuff is left behind in the registry when you un install it. You might search the registry for it and delete it there but don't delete anything in the registry before you back it up!

  8. Bruce is right Volt, I must be gettin' it from just being plugged into the network because I don't even get on the net with this 98 machine. (just to update my AVG) We will have to investigate further the next time it pops up. I unplug mine and do the removal thing and sometimes have to manually remove a file or two. Before I plug it back up, I notify the co worker and he does his too. We then plug them back up but evidently we are missing something somewhere.

  9. Hello Bruce....I don't share my drives or folders with anyone else on our network, nor can I access their files either. So far I have found that my 2 computers are connected together (in my office) to the hub there, then to the wall, which comes out in our "computer equipment room", then is connected to another hub then into a Large fiber optic box on the wall. there are only 2 more machines connected to that hub. These 2 other machines are clear of any viruses at present but it is one of those computers that gets the virus at the same time one of mine does. Could we be passing it back and forth between us even if we are not sharing files? Sometimes we can go for days without an attack and then...Boom, one of us has it. Doesn't make since to me.

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