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  1. System services are automatically run at startup by default......(cont, alt, delete), task manager, click on the processes tab. Did you turn any of these off? Some of these services are vital for the system to run properly.


    You might try updating the drivers for you network card if you haven't already done so.

  2. Try this.........

    right click on the desktop...go to properties...select appearance.... change size of Icons to large.... all the corrupted icons should get replaced by their orginal icons... hope this helps.

  3. Go to Microsoft's Windows update page. Scan, download and apply all the security updates it finds that you need. IE 6 is known to be buggy with Win98. You may end up going to IE5.5 for a better browser. Also update your anti virus program and scan the system. Some of the worms like Sasser and Blaster can cause this. It's known that hackers can use the buffer overrun to invade your system. That's why you need all the security patches. Hope this helps.

  4. SFC stands for "system file scan". Click on start, run, and type "sfc /scannow" without the quotes. You may need to insert your Win CD.

    Apparently, you are trying to extract files to a directory that doesn't exist. If this is correct, I would suggest to create a folder specially for extracting files and leave that folder on your hard drive. You can always go there and delete them after you see you don't need them. Then re-direct your extraction software (Winzip or whatever you use) to use the new folder you just made.

  5. Not Sure.........

    I doubt that the HD got fried or anything since it works, and i just did an error check using a floppy disk. Anyone know what happened?

    Is the floppy disk still in the "a" drive?
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