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  1. Guys, I have a Compaq laptop and to get into the bios on it.....at boot, as soon as you see the Compaq splash screen, the cursor will blink in the upper right hand corner.....as soon as you see the cursor...press the F10 key. That's all I have to do on mine. ;)

  2. I have used Diskeeper Lite for a while on my W2K machine but haven't tryed using it in safe mode until today. It refuses to run in safe mode. Does anybody else have this problem?

    When I try it in safe mode I get 2 error boxes. The first one says

    "Server Busy

    This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose "switch to" to activate the busy program and correct the problem." Ok, so I click the "switch to" button and another box opens and says...


    Unable to connect to the Diskeeper service in the selected machine. Connecting to the local Diskeeper service..." OK, so I press the "OK" button, I get a brief flash on the screen and then nothing happens. It's my understanding that Diskeeper Lite will run in safe mode....I know it does on Win98se....I ran it this morning on my other machine. Anybody have any clues what could be going on. I have run all the usual scans..spyware, virus and such. Nothing shows up. :blank:

  3. Keith, you don't suppose it is trying to format a cd rom or other drive? Unplug all other drives and check that the hard drive jumper is set to master. ( I know you have already checked) Have you been able to get into the bios yet? You will get that kind of message for the hard drive if "auto detect" is not turned on in the bios. Since you removed the onboard battery, it may not be set no to auto detect. :blink:

  4. Well, the hardware part is being covered pretty good, but you will also have to deal with the operating systems of the various computers you are hooking together. Win 98 to XP, or W2K to XP & Win98??? Creating workgroups and sharing files between computers, who will have access to what files...and who don't. There's more to it than just hooking up the wiring. Get prepaired for some headaches..... ;)

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