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  1. JCR, you might give the folks at XDA Developers web site a shout. They may be able to help with your problem.. They specialize in these Android devices. https://www.xda-developers.com/
  2. jcr, you might give the folks at XDA Developers a shot at trying to help you out. They have helped me out a few times. https://www.xda-developers.com/
  3. Just guessing but I'll bet when you downloaded Chrome there was an extra something checked to be installed. Happens a lot with free programs. I always double check my installs to make sure nothing else is checked. Some are tricky!
  4. As of about 2 weeks ago.....Windows 10 Home was still free. I just upgraded a machine from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Home and it activated without charge.
  5. Does anyone know if you can restore an external hard drive image back to the same external hard drive drive using Macrium Reflect? The reason I ask is our company was hacked with ransom ware a couple weeks ago and we are just now getting back up and running after ending up paying the ransom. My computers and files were not effected. Most all my files are on external hard drives of which I have 4. Not too worried about my Main computers (2) that I use daily because I have a system image of both that is updated every week. My external hard drives are backed up nightly to another external hard drive. Was just wondering if an image of this drive using Macrium would be possible and to restore it back to that drive. I've never done an external to external image before. Our company was one of several in our area that was hit that week. What a nightmare it was!
  6. RG, it doesn't take too long to learn enough to get around on Windows 10 (I had to relearn everything too!) As Tx Redneck said you'd be better off keeping Windows 10. If you can do a little bit of tinkering you can Google "Windows 7 Emulator for Windows 10" and there are a few options you can download and install to make Windows 10 look and feel like Windows 7. Check it out and see if that will help you any.
  7. No luck in recovering files from that hard drive. It was taken to a local computer repair shop and they used everything available to them to try to recover the files. They said as nigsy suggested that the hard drive had failed. Only other way might be to send it off for "professional recovery" but that would be too expensive and time consuming. Thanks to everyone here for your help on this matter. I appreciate very much.
  8. I had an issue like this a while back and the fix for me was to un install iTunes and all of it's components then reboot the computer. After that you can download the latest version of iTunes and re install. Should fix your problem. Here is a link for all the components to un install. Components to un install
  9. Yes this will be tough for her to loose her pics but on the bright side, I have pics of the child growing up those same years. He is my nephew! I will let everyone know if they succeed in recovering any files from the drive.
  10. Well no luck this weekend with all I've done to recover those files. I have been defeated! I have now turned the computer back over to the owner and suggested they seek professional recovery. I know it will be expensive but I think they have no other choice if they want to try to save their son's 5 years of growing up. By the way , I have lectured them on using backups of important data! Lesson learned I hope. Thanks for all the help from you all...I appreciate it very much.
  11. I'll give that a try this weekend when I have more time to work on it. Thanks guys.
  12. Guys and Gals...I'm about to run out of options. Friend's HP All In One pc was shut down improperly due to a power outage. It will not boot up now. Error message is: Hard drive failed or no hard drive present. I've Googled this and tryed just about all suggestions I've found. I've done the un pluging, removing memory stick, cmos battery, booting to defaults...etc and running onboard diagnostics. The result is :Smart check - Passed...Short DST - Failed. Failure ID :U4JC6J-00099L-PXPAW1-60UN03 along with product ID: H3Z01AA#ABA Hard Disk 1. I booted into Ubuntu Live CD but Ubuntu doesn't see the hard drive. All the command lines I've tried don't do anything that I can use. I removed the hard drive and attached it to my Windows 10 desktop computer thru USB and when it finally appears, I click on the drive and it sits there spinning waiting on it to produce an explorer window but it never does. The drive is spinning so I know that much is good. I then proceeded to load Ubuntu onto my computer and Ubuntu sees the drive as 430 MB..I think that's correct. When I click on the "430mb drive" I only get 2 folders...one says "Recovery" the other is I think "Volume Label?" I'm not at home writing this so my memory is a little lacking. Anyway I don't see any files that I can recover. I need the documents and photos from this drive. (5 years of a child growing up!) I really need to recover these files. I downloaded an ISO of Linux Puppy to try but that download didn't burn a bootable disk. I'll have to try that later. Anybody have any suggestions besides a professional service? Local around here runs $250.00 if they succeed or not.
  13. In my opinion anything that is "downloaded" through your router that contains malicious software could potentially "infect" any "device" whether it be computer, your router, TV, Fire stick, Phone, or tablet that is connected to the router. I would be very cautious with what I download.
  14. Well I don't think you will get much help here with passwords....not that you are asking for passwords but help in recovering your accounts. The best we can do is point you to the most obvious answers and that is to contact the services you "lost" your password to. I've been in your shoes and it is tough to get these sort of things figured out. Maybe once you recover your numerous accounts you might think about writing the passwords down somewhere for future reference. Not trying to be harsh or anything but just better safe that sorry. Best of luck to you. PS: I have 2 whole sheets of passwords to my various sites and accounts! I'm getting old and cant remember stuff
  15. If I'm not mistaken you have to hit a function key ....F3 of maybe F10?? Look for an image of a "monitor" on the function keys. I know that's the way I have to do it on my old Sony laptop..not that the Lenovo would be the same way though. Just a thought.
  16. If you upgrade to the Windows Fall Creators update you will find that you can no longer control the size of your text in menus and such. The text will be smaller that you have it set for. There is a download from Wintools that works great for giving you that ability again. Here is the link for the tool called System Font Size Changer. It allows you to backup your present settings just in case and there is no malware attached to it either.
  17. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one getting them! I get about 3 per week! Just got one yesterday saying a new login from a Chrome browser yada, yada.... I don't use a chrome browser....but I always check my account from my home computer. I always forward the emails to Apple at "[email protected] I know better than to click on anything within their emails.. That's how they get you! So fay my account at Apple has not been hacked or locked. You're funny nigsy!
  18. Y I have the same problem on my wife's Windows 7 computer. This update refuses to install. I followed your instructions except I don't get a "run as Administrator" when I right click the installer. Anyway after it goes through the process I get a box stating that the update is not for my computer or something to that effect. ( I'm not at that computer right now)??? Been trying to fix this since the update came out. Any other ideas?
  19. About the only option you may have at this point would be to restore your laptop by a recovery partition on the laptop or restore CDs if they were included with your Acer when you purchased it. Give us the Model number of your Acer and we might be able to tell if it has a recovery partition or not.
  20. There is a way to kill the program from running ...while at the command prompt type CMD and hit enter. Type "tasklist" without the quotes and a list of everything that is running will appear. look and see if there is something called "slimcleaner" or slimeclean.exe or something to that effect. If there is you can kill it from running. Let's say it's called slimcleaner.exe" for this example. You would type the following: taskkill /C /im slimcleaner.exe and press enter. that should kill the program. Then reboot.
  21. runball try this.. reboot computer and start tapping F8 to get the black screen where you select safe mode but select safe mode with command prompt.once there press enter then type "rstrui.exe" without the quotes and press enter. This should bring up system restore points if there are any at all. Note that there may not be any if they were not set up from within Windows to begin with. I saw where you said that there wasn't any restore points listed in the beginning of your post.
  22. Slimcleaner is a piece of crap! Should never be installed on a computer. It's very misleading in what it does. When you get into safe mode, can you see the start button? If so see if you can go to control panel then to programs and features. If it's listed in the installed programs, try to uninstall the program. Might be a start.
  23. No software needed! Just copy your youtube link, open a new tab on your browser, type in "www.ssyoutube.com" without the quotes and paste your copied link into the box. You will see another area open up below your pasted link with options of format and resolution to download. Make your selection and save to computer. No need to download installers or software.
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