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  1. Check the last reply on this thread. See if it might apply to you.
  2. We always miss the little things! Glad you got it going.
  3. You may not have that Lexbce Server in your services, but the wife did. Click Start, run, type "msconfig" without the quotes and see if you have "lexbces.exe" it there. If it is listed, put a check mark beside of it and close out. You will have to reboot. Then try what I said. If Lexbces.exe is not in msconfig, just disreguard the Lexbce part,; you may not have it on your system. See if that works for you. NOTE: I just checked the wife's computer and the service is "Lexbce Server" It was installed when she had a Dell A920 all in one printer (made by Lexmark). So , if you never had a Lexmark printer, then you probably won't have that service listed. Note to myself....get rid of that service!
  4. I'll give this a shot because my wife had the same problem on her HP 1300 series printer. I'll describe what I did to get it going. On hers, she had sent a document to the printer which failed to print...so she sent it again and again. Look down into the system tray for the printer icon. Doubleclick to open and select everything in there and cancel the print. Click on start, run, type "services.msc" without the quotes. Scroll down till you find "print spooler" and highlight it. Right click on it and look about halfway down in the box and make sure it is set to "automatic" and is started. If not, set to automatic. Now click on the "stop" button. We are stopping the services first to clear everything out. Close the box. Now look for a service called "Lexbec Server" (not to be confused with lexbce which is a worm) and do the same thing you did to the print spooler service. Reboot the computer. Run "services.msc" again and check to see that both services are running. If not, highlight each one and click the "start" button. This should take care of your problem. On the wife's computer, the Lexbec Server was not running. If it doesn't run, the spooler service won't work and you can't print anything. Hope this solves your problem.
  5. He needs to turn off autocomplete in the browser then empty all the temp internet files. Directions If the computers at the school are locked up that tight, he may not have the options available to him to disable these items....therefore....don't surf on company time.
  6. I don't think it has anything to do with the installation of the Sony drive or Nero but I could be wrong. I had this same thing happen to me on a W2K Pro machine. Reboot your machine and go into the bios setup and look for "power management" or "boot options" something to that effect. In there is a setting such as Wake on LAN Wake on Modem Wake on Keyboard/Mouse Wake on Power Restore (starts the computer after power loss) Plus some boards have the option to turn the system on at specified times. Anyway, uncheck that option, save your settings, and restart the computer. You should be good to go.
  7. Wirosari, from what I can find out, you are correct in saying the scanner needs to be connected before the software is installed. About the only other thing I can offer is these directions for installation. I hope it works for you.
  8. Check out Microsoft's site for some general troubleshooting Win 98 USB ports. Could be something helpfull there.
  9. Being it is a USB scanner, most of the time a USB device requires that the software be installed first before you connect the device. Did you install the software first? If not, try uninstalling what you have already installed and reboot the computer. Then install the software before you connect the scanner. See if that helps.
  10. You can start here, Scroll down the page, you will see it.
  11. You might want to give the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility a try. Has helped a lot of people in your situation. Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
  12. Keith, check in the win.ini file or the sys.ini and see if it's being loaded up in there. If it is, you can edit the line so it don't load at startup. Just place a semicolon before the line starts then save and exit from sysedit.
  13. I've been on "the patch" for a couple days now!
  14. Thanks Viking for taking the time to test that. We now have a external USB floppy drive ordered. Will be here Monday. Thanks again!
  15. Still won't work. I burned the floppys onto the bootable cd, but it is still telling me to insert disk into drive A:.....bummer!
  16. Thanks for that Joe.........I'll give that a try.
  17. Does anybody know if an external floppy drive, plugged into a USB port, will show up as "A:" drive on a computer that does not have an internal A: drive? The reason I ask, we have an old program "First Choice" on 4 floppy disks that we need to load onto a computer that doesn't have a floppy drive. We tried to burn the 4 program disks to CD which works but when that is put into the cd drive and clicked on "install", it looks for A: drive for the floppys. As you all know, just copying the program over onto the hard drive don't work either. Got any ideas?
  18. White_cloud_8. check this page and see that your settings are correct. Along with what everyone else has suggested, I also find that if you are trying to print a RGB image to a CMYK printer, or vice versa, your colors won't match. I do sign work and run into color matching all the time. It can be a pain. Depending on the program you are using for image printing, somewhere in the properties, there should be somewhere to set your color management to match what you see on the screen. I just had a time with matching a blue in a logo that looked great on the screen but printed out purple. Some usefull reading here. Hope this helps some.
  19. Be sure you are plugging the phone line into the"line in" port. I've done that before......no dial tone.
  20. For Experts Exchange site...just scroll down toward the bottom of the page for the answer.......no need to pay for their answer. You may need to delete your cookies first.
  21. Belarc doesn't seem to be showing either drive as a "DVD" drive. They appear to be just a "CD Rom" and a "CD/RW" drive. Since you have already watched a DVD in there, they may just need re-installing.
  22. Follow Lou's directions and when you make the change to "Word", put a check mark in the box to "always use this program to open this type of file" and click "OK", then click the "apply" button. That "should" work.
  23. Well, no need for me to try it then....I'll keep lookin..
  24. Last contact I had with him a couple weeks ago he was workin' way out in the boonies and had been on the road for 6 days. Hopefully, that's all there is this time. Hope he lets us know somethin'n soon.
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