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  1. If you're still having issues you might give this a try... https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/gp/windows-update-issues/en-us
  2. Make sure the "Pen and Touch" feature in Control Panel is turned on. My wife's Dell All in One did that. I don't know why it got turned off unless it was a WIndows update...but check there.
  3. Try right clicking the folder, go to properties, select the customize tab, under "optimize this folder for" drop down arrow, move it to videos, click apply and ok. For some reason some of my folders change formats too. Haven't figured that out either.
  4. This is a long shot but....I use CorelDraw and Corel PhotoPaint. Don't know if this will work as it does in the programs I use but try this: Hold the "F8" key down while starting PhotoImpact. If it works as it does in the Corel products I use...it will return the program to factory defaults as it starts. Give it a shot.
  5. You have to have the 2574819 hotfix installed in order to install that update. Do you have that installed?
  6. Nahhh not offended at all. If we can't poke fun around here..there's no sense in being here. Bruce to be honest..most of the phones I've owned have been good ones except for the one I had before this iPhone. It was an HTC HD2. The wife and I both had this phone and both had numerous problems. Her's was replaced 3 times and mine twice. The problems never went away...so I was glad to get this iPhone. Oh...and Bruce..well he's the resident pokester!
  7. Just chimmin' in......iPhone 4s...best phone I've ever owned.
  8. Just an update on the router issue....the boss had a "store bought" tech to come out and after a long time of trying...he gave up and suggested a new replacement. The boss now has a new setup and his very own password! Thanks a lot guys for the replies and suggestions.
  9. Humm..don't know a lot about Android but I think 8.0 or above is able to use usb U-disks. Don't know about Android 7 Might try plugging the drive in before you boot up. Sometimes that works.
  10. Thanks guys for the info...I'll pass it on
  11. Thanks Bruce. That is what I told him to try yesterday but he says it didn't work. I may have to go to his home and try it myself or get his exact router model number so I can find out what it takes to get in. There's not that many combinations out there.
  12. Do you access the D link router differently on a Mac than you do on a PC? Boss is trying to access his at home but when he types "" into his browser.....it spins to indicate it's working but never produces a login page. He has tried Safari, Firefox and IE...all do the same thing. Anybody had this happen before?
  13. Caintry..that's about the only thing I haven't tried. I just used the drive as a backup drive....one of 3 that I use to back up the same files.....Never can be too safe! I downloaded Diskdigger and I will try it when I'm not so busy...I'll let you know how it turns out.
  14. I just had the same problem on one of my 3 external LaCie hard drives. Nothing I did could recover the files....if I was able to run anything on the drive. The drive started doing that on a hard power shutdown..(power went off in the whole building for a few minutes) Upon restarting my computer...that one drive was slow to respond...almost like a hung browser page. The drive was then listed as "raw" format. Nothing I tried worked to recover the files. I even used a Ubuntu Live CD. Windows continued wanting to format the drive for me....so I said ok...let's format it.....NOT..Windows would not format the drive....it would act like it was formatting but it would end in a error...to "try again" or "the disk is inaccessable". That drive is now sitting on a shelf...not used. I know my post don't help your problem but I feel your pain! Sorry.
  15. I downloaded a free red cursor set for my XP laptop. I'm sure they are available for WIndows 7 too....just be careful you don't get any "added" spyware with it...read the installation screens closely to see what is checked to be installed.
  16. Try booting to safe mode and updating DirectX... Also..is your XP computer up to date? All service packs installed?
  17. I think you need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package......http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555
  18. Just a thought......you say you use it when you travel.....is it trying to connect to your home router or a different wifi connection? I've done that before with my netbook....for me it was just a matter of selecting the correct wifi connection.
  19. You can shut it down through task manager then uninstall it. Control-Alt-Delete key to bring up task manager. Look for Itibiti.exe running under the processes tab. Highlight it and click the end task button. That should shut it down. Then you can uninstall it. You can also do a System Restore to the computer back to a time before you messed it up. You will only loose any "custom" system settings that you made after the restore point. Personal files won't be lost.
  20. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-networking/windows-could-not-start-error-1068-the-dependency/7963d72a-5d73-44fe-8316-058c46235737 Look at the 5th post down ...
  21. I found this in another forum... http://forums.techarena.in/operating-systems/1127074.htm
  22. Never thought I would ever need to post in here but me and the wife just got new IPhone 4S phones and I seem to be having a problem with ITunes on her computer. She has Windows XP with all updates running the latest version of iTunes. When I connect her phone and iTunes opens, I have it set to sync automatically. At the very top of the iTunes app, where "file" "edit" "view" " controls" "store" "advanced" "help" are located, if I mouse over those items a box will menu down with selections. If I move my mouse to make any selection the box closes as fast as it opened...so I can't make any selections. I did a iTunes repair but that didn't fix it. I was reading online this morning and saw an article for something different that suggested to remove the present installation of iTunes and then reinstall. I will do that when I get home but thought in the meantime I would ask to see if anyone else has seen this problem and what did you do to fix it. If removal and reinstall don’t fix it I guess I’ll be calling Apple.
  23. This may be a long shot but look in "services" and see if the "Remote Procedure Call" (RPC), "Remote Procedure Call" (RPC) Locator, and "Server" services are running. If not, right click the service and start it or restart them then reboot the computer.
  24. According to your profile you are using Windows 7 64 bit. What version of Excel are you trying to run. It may not be designed to run in 64 bit Windows, You may have to try running it in compatibility mode.
  25. For starters, check to see that the "use proxy server" is not checked. Some viruses and malware like to change this setting. To do that right click your Internet explorer icon, select properties. Click the connections tab on the next window that opens. At the bottom, click the LAN settings button. Make sure there is a checkmark in "Automatically detect settings and no check mark under the Proxy server. If you have to change one, exit out and click apply-ok. Next click on the start button and select run and type in the box "CMD" without the quotes and click ok. In the black box at the blinking curser type "ipconfig /release" without the quotes and hit enter. Then type in "ipconfig /renew" without the quotes and hit enter. Both these commands have a space between config and the / . After doing this check your internet. Hopefully that is all you need to do.
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