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  1. Cathie, you left out......."at any time" on the end. Sorry Sir T! Couldn't resist.
  2. SFC stands for "system file scan". Click on start, run, and type "sfc /scannow" without the quotes. You may need to insert your Win CD. Apparently, you are trying to extract files to a directory that doesn't exist. If this is correct, I would suggest to create a folder specially for extracting files and leave that folder on your hard drive. You can always go there and delete them after you see you don't need them. Then re-direct your extraction software (Winzip or whatever you use) to use the new folder you just made.
  3. Not Sure......... Is the floppy disk still in the "a" drive?
  4. Andrew, I don't use XP so I'm not sure how you turn messenger off there. If it is like W2K Pro, just go to administrative tools, and then services in control panel, scroll down to messenger, right click on it, go to properties. About halfway down there is a area called startup type to select for running. Just choose disabled and apply and ok. That's how I did it on mine. I don't think it can be removed, just disabled.
  5. Andrew, how did you reset it? I'm not familiar with your devise so I'm thinking on the line of a router or hub, usually remove the power source for the devise will flush stuff like that. I think you should have drivers for that devise. You can get them here
  6. See if this Microsoft link will help.......... http://www.microsoft.com/technet/treeview/...ro_ArpCache.asp
  7. Might try reloading your sound card drivers.
  8. Are your speakers plugged into the correct output on your sound card? Other than that, I can't think of anything else that would cause this.
  9. Do you have a mic? If so ,make sure it's volume is not turned up too much creating a feedback through your speakers.
  10. Under Win2000 it is in program files,Internet Explorer, and is listed as iesetup.exe. Don't know if it would be the same for XP or not.
  11. Search your hard drive for setup.exe and see if one shows up for that folder. What version IE are you running? I see you are running XP . I'm sorry, I don't have that so my directions are probably no good. Maybe someone else will be along shortly that can help you.
  12. You can navigate to your Internet Explorer folder, look for the icon that says"setup.exe" and double click that. It will reinstall IE for you.
  13. I'll have to vote for Bruce's Avatar....................loved that little guy in the movie "Ice Age".
  14. Gateway also has a "update utility" you can download that operates simuliar to Microsofts site. It will search your computer for any hardware driver updates and let you download and install them.
  15. Hummmmm, I didn't see mine on there........(that may be a good thing) Here is one of me and the better half. It's an old one........ http://web.bvunet.net/~rpayne/Pam_Rob.jpg Nice job, no mercy!
  16. This is what I would do. Go to Gateway's site and download the driver for your soundcard and put it into a folder where you can find it. Then, boot into safe mode and remove the soundcard there. Reboot and Windows should find new hardware and reinstall the drivers. If it prompts you for a location of the driver, point it to the downloaded driver. If not, wait untill everything loads up and then update the driver by pointing to the downloaded driver. I don't think you need to be told a step by step "how to" to do this so I won't insult your intelegence, but please.........I know you are frustrated with your problem so when someone tries to help, please don't make them feel unwanted by your sharp remarks...........after all, you are asking for help. I'm sorry if I ruffled your feathers. If this doesn't help, please post back and maybe someone else can give it a shot.
  17. In device manager, mine shows up as a Radeon 7000/Radeon VE display adapter from ATI Technologies. Are you sure you don't have this card? That's strange.
  18. Somehow I missed this post............... By early day (4:45am-2:00pm) I work for a local Budweiser distributor making signs that go into the stores. By afternoon and evening (2:30pm-6:00pm) I am self employed (27 years) in the upholstery business, catering to residential and commercial customers. I work with a few interior designers too.
  19. I'm glad you got it going.
  20. I'm not sure if this will change your target area or not but you can try this.....in the properties box of your Briefcase, type in "C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\My Briefcase" then click on the "Find Target"button. See if it then points to the correct item. Other than that, I am at a loss as to what to do next. I never use the Briefcase anymore but I used to use it between my laptop and my desktop. Maybe someone else might be able to help with it. If not, I would download the one I told you about and use it.
  21. Here's what I found out.......At work, I did the add/remove to install briefcase on my work machine. It was listed under accessories. Once it was installed to the desktop, it no longer shows up in the accessories area. That may be why yours is gone. As to your other question about the target area...... mine shows.............."C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\My Briefcase". Try that in the target area. If you can't get it to work, here is a freeware program that does the same thing......... http://www.rekenwonder.com/brfcplus.htm
  22. Humm, I was at work when I posted that. My Win98 machine there has it...but it is a 98se version. Now I am home on my Win98 machine, I have a briefcase on my desktop but like yours, it is not listed. Soooo, can you right click on a blank spot on the desktop, see if you have a briefcase listing under New. If so, just create a new one. If not, do a search and see if it is still on your hard drive. If it finds it in the search, just drag it to the desktop. If it is not there on the hard drive, you may have to reinstall it from the CD. I also found this......... http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;193764
  23. Yes it does........ go to control panel, add/remove programs,click the Windows setup tab. Highlight accessories, click the details button. Briefcase is listed. Put a check mark in the box to add it......uncheck the box to remove it.
  24. Thanks guys..........I finally did somethin' good!
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