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  1. As oftentired said....I just use a "favorites" link straight to the forums.
  2. I've had this happen before too.. in my case it was a bent / loose pin on the video cable.
  3. Just as the topic says....I came into work yesterday morning and both of my machines were on the login screen. ( Windows 7 and Windows Vista ) I knew that Windows updates were installed sometime during the night when I logged on because of the window telling me that they were installed. Well after a few minutes of workng...I noticed that one of my external hard drives wasn't showing up. I rebooted my Windows 7 machine but it still didn't show up. I unplugged the drive and replugged..and finally got it to show up but then WIndows said the drive needed to be formatted. The thing was working great before the updates. I went to DIsk Management and waited forever for it to connect then the disk shows to be in "raw" format..not NTFS. I've tried about everything I can think of to fix this ...even connecting to another computer and I also tried Ubuntu Live CD. I wanted to recover my files from the drive but I guess I'll just go ahead and reformat it. I only use the drive for backup of specific files and some Windows images. (I have two other external drives that I have the same files backed up to)Thanks Microsoft for trashing a perfectly good drive!
  4. Myk..I don't know much about RDP but the little bit of experience I have at setting up the computers I use here at work and at home points to "permissions" The "owner" is the default name of the computer user when connected to a network....unless it's been changed to something else.....at least that's what I get here at work when I add a shared folder from my boss's computer ("owner" computer) to the desktop of my computers. He has his user name on his but it shows up on mine as "owner". Therefore..her name will have to replace "owner" on that computer. Hope you can make sense of this and see what I'm saying when you look at your setup.
  5. Nevermind....I restored the drive with Ghost
  6. Got this bugger on my Vista machine yesterday. After exhausting everything that I could do I removed the drive from the computer and slaved it to another machine and ran scans and removed everything they found. Installed back in to other computer and now all I get trying to boot is the "Dell" splash screen with "F" options in a loop. What can else can I do?
  7. Not a lot to go on here..short of guessing. Since you say it's happening quite often, next time it happens, write down the exact error message and post it. That way we can research the problem and maybe come up with a solution. Could just be a configuration problem or driver.
  8. Yeah...I've done all the updates from T-Mobile and HTC....nothing fixes the problems. My wife's 3rd phone still does it....it was shipped directly from HTC. If we can hold out till May....we will get a couple of new Blackberrys. No more "touch screens" for us! I know there are different brands of touch screen phones but it only takes a bad experience with one to make us not want another one. Blackberry...here we come!
  9. The wife and I have the HTC HD2 since May. It is a piece of junk...do not get this phone. She is on her 3rd one and I am on my 2nd one. You can be talking to someone and out of the blue the phone will call someone in your contact list by itself while dropping the other call. That's the biggest problem we're having. It also makes calls while in your pocket without you knowing it. It is constantly dropping calls. We never had these problems with any other phones we've owned before.......boy do I miss my Blackberry! The wife can't get a full days battery life from it either. I have to charge mine every other day. She went to the carrier yesterday and was told she can get another phone in 4 months.....unless she wants to pay full price for one today. O well....guess we'll be waiting till May to get new ones.
  10. Is this the "hidden" administrator account or have you just given yourselves "admin" rights? If it's not the hidden account..you might be able to boot to safe mode..enable the hidden admin account ..then log onto it...then change the password on the account you are trying to log on to. To enable the hidden administrator account...follow the solution #3 http://en.kioskea.net/faq/300-access-the-hidden-administrator-account-in-windows-vista you may also find this helpfull http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/130095-user-profile-service-failed-logon-user-profile-cannot-loaded.html
  11. Saw that last week....looks real....but I've heard it's fake. Who knows..if its real..I hope the poor guy is ok.
  12. Hey Hurdy...lindalou..long time no hear!
  13. WD 40 works for all kinds of stuff. I've removed spray paint off the side of my truck from our neighborhood thugs...it should work for you.
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