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  1. Have you ran those 2 programs from the shortcut in that folder recently? Usualy a shortcut will go blank like that when the program that it references isnt there any more. (Weither its been deleted, moved, renamed...etc) You can right click on the icon and select propertys, it will say "Target: " If the program your trying to run isnt at that exact spot anymore, it wont work and neither will the shortcuts icon.
  2. The speeds your geting are probly correct, if anything it will only go up .1-.2 Cable modems are shared connections, so you wont usually get your advertised speed. Also try a speed test when its not primetime (1-10PM) and see how well you fair.
  3. The 3rd pin is only for monitoring, its not required to run the fan. Everything will still work right, just if you have a program to watch your temps it wont show up in that.
  4. other way around for me, when you've played cs for like 7 years its gets old...
  5. my friends blazer you could start without the key, all you had to do is turn the ignition and it would start...once we knew that it made for a lot of fun nights... edit -sp
  6. Read Here Open port 6346. You dont want to disable the firewall in the router, just want to forward the ports that the program uses.
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