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  1. I would like more so I can transfer my 20 gigs of music over to it. I use diskeeper so the fragmentation report is false. I know I need sodimm ram pc133 and it can take 2 256 sticks. I just dont know where I can get them for less that 70 bucks. and yes I mean everything so the upgrade of a hd is a flawless replacement.

  2. Alright I found a pic online and gave it dimensions. Keep in mind the power buttons will be seperate and the controller ports as well. Also the 2 controller ports will be connected to the player multitap within the casing and then I want complete control over the multitap built into the casing. I will be able to get better pics next week. Oh yeah its prob about 3 inches high. I also might be interested in removing the 70 pin connector and wiring it to another location if anyone knows how and if its possible I might be interested in that.

    Posted Image

  3. I have the metal shielding off already. the 70 pin connector is not attached through ribbin it is straight pins. Do you think its possible to replace the connector? when it was made it is made to have the pins of the cartridge be pushed down on the connectors through the spring effect. if I replaced it with a normal connector it would probably fit a lot better since I am disabling the springs. Right now with them disabled it is very tough to get them in and out because its supposed to be pushed down into the pins know what I mean?

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