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  1. I disagree thats an old myth with the multiplier thing. You have a gig of ram. Chances are youll rarely fill it and if you do youll only need 500 mb. Id say give it s agig and that is all. Make the minimum and maximum the same number. Making a range will only fragment the hd and slow things down.

  2. I like to keep windows on one partition, programs on another, documents, then a smaller page file that I put windows temp files in and the page file. if you need to break it up more than 3 or 4 to get the sizes down you can break documents into music and files, and programs into games and utilities.

  3. I highly doubt it is a monitor problem. The sound problem Im not too worried about because I think its because its onboard and the cpu is stressed. I just need to find a decent 5.1 card. If anyone has one to spare PM me! The mouse is still going away. It seems random. I just played a game for about an hour then the game started getting really laggy and the mouse went away. Could this all be a result of a dying video card?

  4. Almost any time I load up a game the mouse cursor disappears. I can still move the mouse around and select things but you cant actually see the cursor. If I move it over to the other monitor it works fine (dual monitors) and I can see it but then if I move it back over its still invisible. Even after I close the game it is still not there.


    Also when I load a game or even load windows the sound is choppy and messed up but sheer music is fine not in ghame though. I have reinstalled sound card drivers and video drivers. I dont know what to do anymore.

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