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  1. alright after lots of fussing around and driver reinstallations I have now found that the right channel processes sound for the left and right. I messed with panning and everything. The rear speakers work fine and independantly. I doubt it has anything to do with wires considering the right front channel is processing sounds for both front. any ideas?

  2. It all used to work fine. I tried the speaker in question in another slot and the speaker works fine. This really doesnt have anything to do with surround either. And even if any of your questions had been answered in a manner of something being wrong that still wouldnt explain why the right channel is being heard on the left channel

  3. I disagree thats an old myth with the multiplier thing. You have a gig of ram. Chances are youll rarely fill it and if you do youll only need 500 mb. Id say give it s agig and that is all. Make the minimum and maximum the same number. Making a range will only fragment the hd and slow things down.

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