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  1. I trust norton. Ive been using NAV for years now. It does meet the requirements by far. But it says


    Error: Failed to update Registry. Run Setup again. And what it did install does not work because of the missing reg file. Could it be because I have Norton Systemworks 2003 on the comp?

  2. I just recently acquired Norton Virtual Drive for Win95. Is there anyway I can run it on my XP? I tried installing it and it whined about the registry and told me to install again and it did the same. If not, are there any free virtual drives out there?

  3. I wasnt asking for help. Read my post again. And trust me these progs are way better. And as for free ware pop up killers, they are spyware! Proxomitron (explained at the site) will do alot more for you then stop pop ups. They remove any ads! on any site! not just ones that pop up. The ones on the actual page too! Its awesome!

  4. http://www.geocities.com/yosponge/index.html


    I found this site to be extremely useful! It tells you everthing you need to do to keep safe, get rid of extreme annoyances (like geocities ads and other crap) and make internet browsing fun and relaxing. This has improved my view and enjoyablity on the internet by 10 fold. I suggest it to ANYONE AND EVERYONE that uses the internet for anything. It includes what programs are the best for spyware and firewalls. CHECK IT OUT!

  5. GF4 MX 420. At one time the regular moniter was primary. But when I told the tv to be primary. I could never get it back because I cant see whats on the tv and whenever I boot up with the svideo in the card it makes the tv primary. So cant even change it.

  6. Like I said, if the tv is hooked up I cant change anything because I cant see it. And if it is not hooked up I dont have the option to chenge settings for it since its not hooked up.

  7. When I connects videoto the tv from the video card and turn on the comp, the comp thinks the tv is the primary moniter and I cant change anything cuz the res isnt right and the tv says unusable signal. I have nvidia 420 pci card with s video. I have a tv with s video. I run winxp. Thanks ahead of time!

  8. During shut down I get a blue screen that tells me this...




    Tech Info:

    *** STOP: 0x000000DL

    *** kbdclass.sys-address f79ff941 base at f7aFF000, Datestamp 3d6ddad3

  9. HELLO!? Before the Pit started upgrading every couple weeks ppl would reply quickly and effeciently. Now no one even cares to reply at all. (Except for a select few) SOmeone PLEASE help me!!!!

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