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  1. For a slot fan, you don't need an actual pci slot to install it, you just need a pci panel slot on the back of the case which you can remove. The pci slot fan just sets in and then screws on like the pci cards but doesn't need a slot to slip into.

    Yeah thats what I was saying. I might get one of those too who knows. I have one un used 4 pin connector. So thats what I use?
  2. Alrighty. I opened her up and took a look. I plotted where about it would go. I dont have alot of options due to the processor case fan that curves out, the power supply and the drive cage. It will be hitting the PCI cards. I do have more pci panels in the back which would be good enough for a fan but I dont have any more slots. I looked on ebay and figured the pci panel fans wouldnt be any fun or as cheap. Now all Ive got to worry about is power for the fan. Im not exactly sure how to hook it up. I dont know what the cord on the end of the fan would look like since I wont shop for it till tomorrow. On the mobo I found a few things; Wol Con, and THRM. I dont know if a fan could be powered by eiter of those please let me know what they are and if they would work. Then out of the power supply there is a "bundle" of cords. The ones leading to the the cd rom and cd rw have a a lil white thing marked P2. Also coming out of the supply is a smaller group of wires leading to a lil white 4 pin thing. It is marked with P8. Enough info for ya?

  3. I ran it. Did everything in the help file step by step. and it cannot get sensors for my mobo. I have talked to severeal comp guys I know and told them what I had in my comp and they said a 2nd cooling fan wouldnt be a bad idea. I think Im gonna do it anyway just to do it. What should I use to cut the metal safely? And where abouts should I put it?

  4. see if you have that checked it will no actually load on the taskbar. having that checked makes it so that if you minimize wmp it will become a mini player instead of a minimized window. I want the mini player to load with start up.

  5. so theres nothin I can do at all? Ill freakin duct tape a fan to the end of my hd and point it towards the pci slots if I have to. This is a good machine that has alot of money put into it.

  6. Yes when wmp is minimized it becomes its own toolbar. How can I get it to open as the toolbar? It is not in the system tray. It is on the taskbar just as if it were quick launch or something. I dont need a help file that tells me how to get the mini player because I obviously already know that. I want the comp to start up with the mini player in the taskbar as a toolbar.

  7. the front of my comp from what I can see sitting right here without it taken apart has 2 cd drives, a space for another, the area where the hd is, the a drive, a very small empty area and a serial port/usb. Ive looked inside and saw no area to put a fan (availabilty wise or space wise)

  8. I have 2 fans in the back. One is a cooling fan and one is an exhaust. The cooling is right above the exhaust. The mobo is naturally to left (if facing the back of the comp) Thecooling fan curves towards the processor but never really hits anything else. I dont know how exactly to install a fan or place one.

  9. I will be shopping for another cooling fan for my HP Pavilion 8570C. I have looked around inside and with only word of mouth to go by I could not find a place where I could put a case fan. Can someone help me with this? Will my comp work better with another fan inside. I have a cdrw cd rom 30gb hd all 4 pci slots filled 381 mb ram and 677 mhz p2. Thanks!

  10. I think Ive tried that once before and it didnt work. I want to have windows media player for xp to load minimized so that it has that mini player on the taskbar without me having to open the prog and then minimize it. Ill give what you said a shot though.

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