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  1. there are quite a few boot disks out there that can take care of admin passwords. Just google around for administrator windows password reset or something similar. the one I use is free. I dont know the legalities of posting such things so good luck.

  2. This prob isnt the place for this but I figure someone might know. I have a cell phone that has an mp3 player built in. I have the one gig microsd card filled and it plays fine through the speaker phone. the 3/32 mini audio plug that you use for headsets and whatnot is supposed to be what you can use for headphones. I bought 2 different types of 3/32 to 1/8 adapters and niether worked. Sound comes out when I plug it in halfway though. I assume this is because the phone give one channel of sound. What can I do to get the desired results?

  3. last night my comp was on. big thuinder clap. power reset. I turned off the comp and unplugged the ac from it. I turn it on this morning. I can get into safe mode but when I try to boot normally, right when the mouse would appear and start showing the desktop it just stays black, it then reboots and tell me windows failed to boot up correctly etc.. I am going to reinstall vid card drivers since it would make sense they are screwed up if it reboots there. Any suggestions? Oh yeah and I already tried system restore.


    Also....you only have 1 partition... EVERYTHING is on it.... you should have a couple of partitions examples: C:Windows D:Games E:Files F:Temp/Pagefile



    You want the pagefile partition either on a seperate drive or in the windows partition. You will find a decrease in performace the farther away your pagefile is from windows.

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