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  1. It sounds like you are looking for a remote keyboard-mouse-display setup (using, in your example, a laptop as the keyboard-mouse-display proxy). This would require special hardware at the "desktop" end of your "link" that doesn't exist today. Not to say that you couldn't design it, just that there isn't a product today that does this that I am aware of. The reason is that Windows Remote Desktop gives you essentially what you are asking for for free (it's already part of the OS).


    But, I admit that maybe I am misunderstanding what you want/need. Perhaps if you give an example of what you are trying to accomplish, we could provide more appropriate assistance.


    That is exactly what I want to accomplish. The main reason why I want it so particular is so I can make use of my video card in a short range portable way. I want to be able to play graphic intensive games and work on CAD away from my office room and in another room in the building if need be. Thanks for reading what I said. Ill keep my eyes out. I searched for a wireless port replicator too and toshiba designs them for like 3 of their laptops but thats about it. and it costs 500 dollars.


    Will windows remote assistance allow me to use the host's computers hardware if I launch a program from within it. Can the host be vista and the remote be xp?

  2. Home server would be remote access. Windows Remote Assistance is remote access as well. I am not trying to ACCESS my files remotely. I am trying to utilize the computer without software aid using a wireless device of some sort. Something stand alone. I am not looking for software at all. It would be a peice of hardware that connect to my computer through a network or RF in the same building and uses the HOST's hardware to carry out functions. I am not interested in remote access software at all.

  3. Ok here's what I want to accomplish. I want to use my desktop from another room using a laptop or something similar to a laptop. I have a laptop I can use and Im willing to buy some sort of equipment. I dont want "remote access" or anything like that. I want to USE my desktop from another device in the same building. Essentially just making a monitor keyboard and mouse completely wireless and usable like a laptop. Any ideas?

  4. There is no restricted driver manager. There is hardware drivers though. Atheros is in there and it says its enabled. I never installed anything from that download though. And if it truly is enabled I dont know how to connect to a wireless network.

  5. Im finally building a new comp!

    What do you guys think of this part list?


    Mobo (Updated)






    RAM (Updated)






    Vid Card (Updated)



    PSU (Updated)






    HD (Updated)



    I will be using my old sata drive for this machine. I will also be using an old combo optical disk drive.


    Edited with new parts

  6. Another HD will not help as I have eliminated the HD as being a part of the problem. If I need to back up information form the HD I have a means to do so. Thanks for your reply though. Looks like I will be taking it back to circuit city. I got it almost 2 years ago but put that warranty on it so I should be alright.

  7. Well that is what I will do if I cant get it to work. Ive been a member of pcpitstop for a long time and its strange to find someone who just tells you to take it somewhere to get looked at. We all come here with some knowledge of computers expecting to get some sort of do-it-yourself advice. Ill wait for some more replies before I take the plunge and go to a repair shop. Thanks.

  8. My laptop will try to boot up when I press the power button. The fans will spin for about 10 second and then the computer is completely silent. The hard drive wont spin. The disc drive wont spin or open. I tried it with just the battery and with just the ac cord and no battery. I tried booting without the hd. Every test yields the same results. The screen also just stays black. The power indicators stay lit the disc drive light stays lit as well. Any ideas?

  9. HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\

    <<!>> "Shell" = "Explorer.exe C:\WINDOWS\Config\lsass.exe" [MS], [file not found]


    Looks like I managed to delete the duplicate lsass using nod32. How can I remove this entry so I dont get an error on boot up.


    2 more problems!!


    AIM doesnt log in. Something is causing it to not be able to connect. It just fails every time. Works on my other comps so its not a router thing.


    Comp boots up as administrator. I have to logg off and log into my user account. Anything in any of this info that can help determine why?

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