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  1. needs to be wireless. sorry forgot to mention. I think Ill get the one posted. But Im still open for discussion. Anyone else?
  2. I have had to return 2 linksys over the course of a year and Im tired of their routers and their crappy rma policies.
  3. I need a new router and I would likt to stay away from linksys if possible. I like this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16833135113 but its out of stock. I can get it somewhere else but before I do Id like to hear anyone elses opinion. Firewall is a plus but not required and 100% compatibility with online games is a plus. Please respond asap Ill need this before christmas for my lan party
  4. ok good so its not just me. I need a new router and quick. what other good reputable inexpensive computer online stores are there. (enough adjectives for stores?)
  5. 3 views and no replies? This is as simple as typing in newegg.com and telling me if you have any problems
  6. neweg isnt working for me you guys having any problems?
  7. Well the card right now is only displaying 1 output. It used to display both but now it doesnt. The s3 isnt onboard though.
  8. explain what the disadvantages and advantages are and maybe Ill just do it. I forgot what the advantages were for 2 cards
  9. There are advantages to using 2 different cards than using a dual card. Im sure someone has had this problem before
  10. I dabbled around some more and now its back to both monitors showing they are connected to the nvidia (they still arent) and the second monitor is actually showing stuff. I cant change the resolution or color to what I want though. How can I get it to show its on the s3 again?
  11. I updated my main video cards (nvidia 5700 ultra) drivers. Before I did this I had an s3 trio running as a side monitor along with the main video card. After installing the drivers (and yes I removed the old ones properly and everything) the second monitor was listed as being connected to the main card (nvidia). Then I decided to reinstall the s3 drivers. Now the main monitor thAts connected to the nvidia is listed as being connected to the s3 as well as the secondary monitor. How do I correct this issue? winxp pro
  12. stop using amd... (I never get to be the fanboy )
  13. Yes thank you. (I found it guys. Check it out its cool)
  14. http://www.httrack.com/ Is this what you are looking for?
  15. right click on my computer go to properties hardware device manager. Is there any devies with a ? or X on them
  16. I used to have a cool program that would save websites including the links beneath them and every page. I cant remember what its called. Can anyone help out?
  17. yeah thats the site. I dont know how to use the program.
  18. nope. google synergy. I couldnt get the program to work and was wondering what other people have tried
  19. I have heard there are ways to share a keyboard and mouse amongst to computers without using a kvm switch. What programs do this and will they support the first computer using 2 monitors.
  20. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/files/killbox.php deletes anything you need in an easy to use interface. does what you would do manually in dos. does folders as well
  21. I think she would if she had the option to. its drivers
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