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  1. What sort of virus/spyware programs do you use? Something that kicks in 20 min after booting up is almost always a worm of some sort. I had an issue very similar to this. I dont think its browser related since youve tried everything with 2 different browsers. As it turned out I found 2 instances of lsass.exe and one of them was a worm in disguise. Even a boot time virus scan using several scanners didnt find anything. I compared my lsass.exe's to another computer and deleted the one that didnt match through a boot cd. Something might be similar in your situation. I do see several items containing lsass in your HJT post but Im not good at reading those. I'd cross reference this thread in a post to the HJT forum where there are people certified to read them properly.
  2. Download winrar and have that handle your zip files. Go into folder options and change the association of zip files to something other than windows native program. That thing is a mess and for whatever reason your browser is saying "Open" instead of "Save" and then windows is handling thatrequest and giving you the temp file. Try downloading the zip files from a different browser and see if it still auto-opens them. That should give you an idea of where the problems are occurring.
  3. Come on guys Ive been seeing people pop in and out of here all day can I get some help
  4. Well my screenshot shows whats using the cpu and network. Theres no doubt about it that its lsass and its a virus. My question is how do I get rid of it.
  5. well its more like 3 minutes into being booted now. please tell me what should I do?
  6. Not sure when this started but about after 15 minutes of system uptime a second lsass is in task manager that uses up bandwidth enough so that I can use anything at all net based and also gives cpu full load. take a look.
  7. Ive repaired countless dells and I just cant see myself buying one
  8. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16834147310 I found this one. For the price I get lots of ram and centrino. It looks good. How are the graphics on this would you say? I want to play civilization 4 and world of warcraft on it. Think its possible?
  9. sure could use one of those. 2 months and I can! (legally)
  10. it seems to me like your just trying to rip people off. your like those car repair shops that eff up one thing while fixing another just to get you back. I teach my clients what the programs do always. And if they are truly novice they will come back to you everytime just because you were honest with them. I always tell my clients I hope its the last time I have to see them because I want thier comp to work. dont cheat people. all they need to do is find a site like this or go to a comp help site and they will realize what youve been doing. computer maintenence should not cost an arm and a leg. repair and virus removal should cost a bit more. if you have a client that doesnt want to run their own stuff give them a discount to come every month. I go to a medical center every week and charge 20 each week to do routine maintenence. If it werent a business I charge 10 or so because I know that this is steady income. BE AFFORDABLE AND HONEST!
  11. When I build comps for people I usually give programs to them for free. I put them all in a folder called weekly checkup on the desktop. I give them freeware stuff. I wouldnt recommend openly giving away programs that only allow you to use one license. Use freeware stuff and burn the installation setups on a cd to carry with you. I use avg, registry doesnt need defrag, xp optimizes memory on its own, if your talking about high speed internet weaks I use cablenut, registry once again doesnt really bog the system down, diskeeper lite for defrag, ad aware and spybot. I honestly think its a bit over priced. I would install those programs for someone and tell them to run them one at a time once a week. The most I would charge for such a service would be 50.
  12. it sets it up so it looks like an internet printer I think. the same where if I wanted to print a document from work on my home printer kind of thing. what if I reduce the spool size? Ive tried to set it to print directly to the printer without spooling. that didnt help. so Im not so sure it has to do with the printers cache.
  13. when it was on the print server I had it sharing through This is a excerpt from my router status page Name: U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg Router (USR5461) Firmware: (Mar 11 2005) Boot loader: CFE Printer status: Ready Printer location:
  14. it handles it just fine when connected directly to the comp. one side question how do you get it to print last to first page as default. any suggestions on how to get it to work right with the router.
  15. yes. it works fine when its on the printer server too. just not with multiple jobs queued
  16. I have a canon pixma ip 1600. I just had it replaced by canon. The replacement locks up when printing multiple documents after the first job is done. It prints the first page of the 2nd job about 25% of the page. then it freezes and errors. then I have to reboot my router (printer is attached to built in printer server on router) and restart the printer. Thanks in advance.
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