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  1. tried the biosd thing. Ive used this same disc for the comp Im using now and there was no problem.
  2. please read the thread I posted. ntldr isnt the issue anymore I dont think. like I said I tried installing with a dif hd and the same thing happend (read the thread I gave if your not familiar)
  3. I dont think its the hd anymore because I tried installing xp on a dif hd on the same comp and it still gave me its crap (referring to my old thread) around the same time. what do you guys suggest could be the problem now?
  4. no comp repair ppl where I live. they come to me... Ill just keep trying.
  5. guess Ill try once more to get a reply...
  6. thats not the problem. xp cant install/repair on eaither hd on the good comp.
  7. I have no idea what is faulty please help!
  8. I tried a repair and get this, it did the same thing it did before with my good hd that I thought was messed up. http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/index.php?ac...=ST&f=3&t=50692 now what could be wrong?
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