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  1. Nevermind. It was anAvast RPC error just happening to malfunction at the same time.
  2. My test results recommended that I do the command of "del index.dat /s" (without the quotes) in safe mode command prompt which I did and then, the next time I booted up my PC, it took forever to load. Before I could even access the task manager to see what was going on, it was about 3 minutes. And then, it took another 10 minutes to load the processes but not all of them loaded. That (del index.dat /s) was the only change I did to my PC before this happened. I rebooted 3 times and the same thing. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. I listened to the Gateway recording. Actually, you got off easy. I have been dealing with Emachines (Gateway subsidiary) for two years since I bought my PC in Feb 2005 and what resulted: I have vowed never, EVER to buy an Emachines or Gateway computer again. This is not 100% though because there have been a couple of people who I felt really tried to help, but overall, they initially try to sell you something right off the bat, (upgrades they call them) and, as a solution to your problem, give you stock responses (always the same, no matter what the problem is) which ususally includes reformatting your hard drive whether destructive or non destructive. The last problem I had, after 15 emails back and forth with them not listening to what I was saying and answering with the same stock "copy and paste" solution each time of destructive restore, even after I told them I was being prevented from performing the action, I finally solved the problem myself (Bios had to be changed to default) and then I wrote to them with the answer. Like I said, NEVER AGAIN! I remember before I bought this PC, I read reviews that Emachines was on the top of the list for customer care. Too bad this was not my experience.
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