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  1. Excellent homework, Petite! So I take it that Microsoft told you that the other person must also delete you as a contact then? It must be such a hassle getting all those contacts a day! Maybe you should think of creating a new account (but that might be just as much hassle....) Anyway, I might just email MS and ask them why this happens. Thanks for the advice all. :beer:
  2. Thanks for the suggestions... Hiryu, I want to delete the contact so that it doesn't appear in any of my lists, Allowed or Blocked. Shadow4173, I'll try just that. Let's hope it works... :beer:
  3. Thanks, but I tried that already. Although the contact name is gone, it still remains under the Tools, Options, Privacy tab (in my blocked list). It doesn't matter whether I put it in the Allowed or Blocked list, it's always there. Very strange that MS won't let me delete a contact entirely. Oh well, hope someone can come up with a solution. I should mention that I tried re-installing it but it seemed to remember everything...
  4. I have MSN Messenger 7.0.0816 and cannot delete a contact in my blocked list. When I right-click the contact, a context menu appears with several options available. However, the delete option is greyed out, whether it's in the allowed list or blocked list. How can I delete a contact from this list? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Here, have a look at this. My doctor used it once when I told him I was underweight. He laughed (not in an unpleasant way) and showed me the Body Mass Index. I'm sure you've seen it before. I've posted a link from the British National Health Service, so you can be sure that it's accurate. Having provided this link, let me say that you shouldn't base any major lifestyle change purely on what this chart says: http://www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk/interactivetools/bmi/default.asp
  6. Thanks to everyone for your continued advice and words. This site saves me from insanity time and again..... Background I've decided that an AGP 8x will fit in my 4x slot so that Dell guy can go for a walk (somewhere dark and lonely). I have checked the Dell forums which have a lot on this very subject (did a more specific search). Although it is US based, the information should be comparable. There are many Dell users with a 250W PSU, some of whom have problems with a 6600GT card and some who don't. It seems as though it's a gamble if you get one of these cards with a standard Dell PSU.
  7. I've just spoken to someone from Dell and he told me that an AGP 8x card will fit into my AGP 4x slot but that it won't work. First question (sorry for the rehash) I've always understood that 8x is backwards compatible to 4x, but he said that was NOT the case. What's going on? I'm not a tech-head so this new information has me in a spin. Second question Also, regarding the PSU, a Dell-appointed 3rd party salesman told me that any other non-Dell PSU would "blow my computer up" (his words). Okay, so a non-Dell PSU might not work, but is this really the case or is he doing his sales t
  8. Just to go back on JackeL's point about the Dell PSU - I have checked Dell's site and cannot find anything related to upgrading my PSU. I'm getting worried. Does anyone know if I can use a generic PSU for my Dimension 4550? Will an external PSU get around my problem?
  9. Yes, I have sent an online query and am awaiting a human response, rather than the automated one I detailed earlier. That will surely confirm for me. If they don't reply, I'll phone them and hope the operator understands English (it's a long story......call centres abroad)
  10. Thanks for pointer. I hope I don't need one but it'll be less of a headache for me to replace a PSU, even if it costs me more to do so. I'm going to check up on that - in the meantime, if anyone thinks that I DO need a new mobo please let me know ASAP. I am on the verge of ordering the card, but my logical reasoning cortex is telling me to just double check that I'm not about to make a huge mistake. Yours Sincerely, treeh0rn.
  11. You guys are the best! My excitement is reaching a climax! New card here I come! Sorry if I sound like an unbeliever, Allen, so you're absolutely sure (as much as possible anyway) that my existing mobo is okay? I got an automated reply from Dell online about a minute after submitting my request, which went on about distinguishing between integrated and AGP graphics. It implied that this was the only thing I had to worry about. I know definitely that I have an AGP slot, so this means I'm in the clear, right? (PSU issues notwithstanding) (Brothers in Arms here I come!!! )
  12. Sorry I was typing my last reply as you guys made new posts. I shall update: I have a DVD drive, a CD drive and 1 80Gb 7200RPM hard drive. A customer review on Ebuyer states that he managed to get the card to work with a 250 PSU, even though the card maker suggests 350W. Even if it didn't work, it would be no problem getting a new PSU - my main concern is mobo incompatibility. Do you have enough information to confirm that the more powerful card needs a new mobo? Where can I find out? From Dell? Would their customer care line know what I'm talking about? I don't think they can speak
  13. Thanks for the reply. I have been looking at Ebuyer.com and have wittled down my choice to either the ATI 9800 Radeon Pro (cheaper at £116) or the 6600 GT (big difference I know at about £150). So is my mobo okay with either of these cards? If it isn't, that will affect my ability to buy the more expensive one, if I have to upgrade my mobo (or God forbid, my whole system!)
  14. Okay everyone, I'm hoping you can help me out here please. Right, I've never gone inside my PC before except to add a RAM card once before - please bear this, and my lack of knowledge, in mind when offering your advice. I wish to upgrade my crappy nVidia GeForce 4 MX420 to a better card - probably a 6600 series, although my question applies to any new graphics card (I was horrified to discover that Brothers in Arms specifically does not support my card). Anyway, does it matter what motherboard I have? Will a new card work with an older mobo? I have included some information about my s
  15. Okay, I'm hearing you loud and clear. Consider this post resolved (for the time being). I'll be back next year with an update and to pick the collective brain on this site. Many thanks to all.
  16. I asked a friend and he told me that an AGP 8x card wouldn't work in my AGP 4x PC! Does he know what he's talking about?! Question So let me get this right, an 8x card WILL work in my 4x PC? Just not as fast, obviously.(If your X800 works at 4x and 8x, so should the 9600 right?) My friend told me I had no choice but to get a PCI card, which you mentioned. I'm going to wait for a while and see what happens to the price of the 9800 PRO. Thanks for your continued advice, inedibleshoe. I really appreciate your input.
  17. Well, what can I say? I checked my Dell documentation and it says that I have an AGP 4x slot. 1) Does that mean that my new 8x card won't work as well on my PC? 2) Will it be restricted to 4x performance? 3) Will this be the case if I wait till next year and buy a better graphics card? Basically, what I need to know is if my current motherboard is restricting me from enjoying the full effects of a new card. Would the AGP 4x slot restrain my new card from working at it's best? I might even wait till next year now.... 9800 PRO or another one. :beer:
  18. Alas, I think I'll stick with the 9600 PRO. I'm not too bothered about playing the latest games at the highest settings. I want something that will let me improve the settings on my favourite games, but which doesn't cost too much. I looked at the 9600XT that crossfire linked to, but it's a bit too much for me. AdamMAXIS, I hear what you say about the softmodding. Can I soft mod a 9600 PR0 anyone? PDASam and Vranichou thanks for the updates on the prices. Yes, "ill-intentioned villains" indeed. What an absolutely ridiculous thing to say on promotional literature! wdeydwondrer, I ch
  19. I'm back and here's what I think: I am now seriously considering the Sapphire Radeon 9600 PRO 256MB Advantage DDR TV-out http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=74655 The price is reasonable and a few of you have mentioned it as being a good card. wdeydwondrer, you said, quote "one thing to note though are that there are several cards out that offer memory paths of 256 bits, but the gpu is 128, therefore reducing the card to 128." How do I know if the card I want has a 128 or 256 GPU? You advised against the 9600, saying that the 9700 and 9800 are 256. But according
  20. Good stuff, thanks for all the replies. I'll start with crossfire. I'm looking at those cards now, but have noticed that the Sapphire Radeon 9800SE is an SE card, which wdeydwondrer has suggested are very poor (or do you mean that the 9200SE is poor?). I'm going to compare all their specs and see which one has better specs (for example, 256MB DDR has to be better than 128 right?) leprechanmonkie, I've been considering the Sapphire 9800 Pro for a while now (last July actually) Just can't seem to sell it enough to my nearest and dearest ("Why do you want such an expensive card for?!"). I
  21. Well, I originally wanted an upgrade principally to play MS Flight Simulator 2004. In all seriousness, I stopped playing it, as I felt my card wasn't doing it justice. I am now playing Call of Duty mostly (my favourite at the moment, esp. with the expansion pack). I usually play first person shooters. Actually, I'm looking to spend something less than £100. The cheaper it is, the more likely my wife will approve the purchase of it, although I don't expect to spend less than £70 for a half decent card. I was considering the "Sapphire ATI Radeon 9200SE 128MB DDR 8x AGP S-Video & TV
  22. Thanks for the continued attention, although I'm still at a loss to work out exactly what all those cool-sounding things listed under the specs actaully are!! :help:
  23. I'm going to upgrade my nVidia GeForce MX 420 (don't laugh) to something more meaty. Can anyone please suggest a website that explains (as simply as possible) what I should look for in a card? I could have asked "which is the best graphics card?" but that would invariably lead to disagreements and "buy the most expensive one you can afford". Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi white_cloud_8, I have a set of Harman Kardon desktop speakers and I get similar "symptoms" as you. My on/off rotating switch also adjusts the volume. I'm not absolutely sure about this, but I don't think there's anything wrong with your speakers. When I swictch them on, I hear a noise similar to a light sabre being activated (very briefly) and if I turn up the volume to the maximum setting, I also get a slight buzzing noise. I don't get any noise when switching off, though. I'm not sure how helpful the above is. Try Creative's website support section if you still get no joy: http:/
  25. The Sage Continues.... Right, I've done a bit of research and apparently, all entries in the HOSTS file need to begin with "www". Looking at my entries that Spybot added, I found that this was not the case with all the entries. I also found something interesting: If I input "cantfind.com" into the web address bar, the bad site loads ok. If I input "www.cantfind.com" a Google page comes up with no exact match. How can this happen? My HOSTS file contains "www.cantfind.com" so could this be blocking the page from loading? But if I leave out the "www" then this somehow (apparently)b
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