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  1. stormy13, thanks for the information. I've now set it to "Display dialog when blocking" (I'm just curious about how many times I'm exposed to tracking cookies when online - will probably set to silent block eventually when I get bored of the boxes). As Olorin states, I probably have an old version of Macromedia - I'm going to update I suppose. Thanks again!
  2. Okay, I have two things bothering me... Firstly, this doesn't happen all the time, but today, I navigated to Hotmail via my Favourites menu (IE on XP) and Spybot popped a warning message: "Spybot-S&D reports that you want to download "Avenue A, Inc". This is a known threat. Do you want to BLOCK this download?" What is Microsoft doing trying to install spyware/adware when I try to log into my e-mail? Or is this some error on the part of Spybot? Has anyone come across this? Secondly On a related note, when I log off Hotmail, my browser navigates to msn.co.uk and a new wind
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