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  1. Sorry. (and I have more info than I did yesterday, as well).OK - It's XP Pro - and Service Pack 3. I talked to MS on the phone, and they told me I would have to uninstall SP3, then get the update, then reinstall SP3. However, Add/Remove does not show it - or any - updates (even though I've got the "show updates" box checked. When I told them that, they told me I probably had an integrated version of SP3 (it was put on at the same time as the OS). They directed me to download SP3, then start in safe mode, and install SP3 again. Which I did. However, it is still not showing up in Add/Remove.
  2. After attempting to install IE 8, "IE did not install because your computer did not install a required update. Please click "download" to install it manually. When I am directed towards the allegedly needed doiwnload, I am told my Service pack is newer than the download and it won't install, I can't get past this loop. suggestions?
  3. _Before I get to the main reason for this post, I hope its ok to comment on a response to my earlier post - where I spoke of getting an installable versiion of XP: _I did not mean to suggest otherwise. Although my memory sucks, I am pretty sure that the XP disks I was referring to were legit. In fact, when you mentioned using your PIN number and getting it from the microsoft site, that rang a bell. I am almost certain that whatever I was talking about was, in fact, through the Microsoft site. I remember being pleasantly surprised that Microsoft was being so helpful. (If it wasn't on an MS sitet, it was probably a site I recall that offered bootable disks for everything from DOS up through not-too-ancient Windows products. Bootdisk.com or something like that. I wish my memory were more intact._Anyhow - the reason for this post is to restate a question that may have gotten lost in the slightly meandering nature and broader scope of this thread, concerning the future of XP:
  4. WHAT a coincidence. The day I post that I can't contribute, I just MIGHT have a contribution: I am pretty sure that you can download most-to-all of what you need to make another WIndows XP disk on a variety of spots on the internet - at least if you know what or how to look for - or what to avoid. That brings me to my three questions to add to yours: 1 - Is my assertion that there are places on the net to simply download a usable XP CD correct? 2 - From the very little I've seen, I am not thrilled about Vista and fear the day I may have to face that choice. If I have (or can download) my XP Disk, when the day comes for me to get a new machine, If I simply put XP on top of it, will that keep me ok for the next 5 years or so? Or will the probable dwindling supply of up-to-date XP patches mean that XP is eventually doomed? 3 - I've also worried that when I upgrade, my ID drives won't work in a SATA board. Are you telling me that's not something I should be worried about?
  5. Can anyone point me in the right direction? ALso - while I'm here, I'm starting to feel just a bit guilty. I use this marvelous forum from time to time and the answer are almost ALWAYS right on the money. I LOVE it. My problem is I rarely - if ever - have the knowledge to actually help someone else. So I feel Like I'm just taking and not giving. Should I ber boehtered by that? Is there any thing I can do to show proper appreciation?
  6. Damn . . . thank yoiu. I'm glad I had the instincts to double check before unsubscriting to the rest of 'em. THere are few things I have more than spam so allow me to post a solution? wait - maybe that deserves a new topic. brb
  7. ,_,For many years, I have taken it as a given that "unsubscribing" from spam simply validates your address so I avoided it. ,_,For reasons I'm still not clear about (wishful thinking?), I have begun to wonder if spammers have become sophisticated enough to realize that it wastes their own resources to spam someone who actively avoids it. ,_,And so I have just unsubscribed from about a dozen. Before continuing, however, I'd like some opinions on whether or not I"m being an idiot. One thing my perhaps wishful thinking noticed was that most-to-all of these buried the link very deeply - changing the text color to make it almost blend in with the background, like they really do NOT want it to be found. ,_,So, I'm wondering if I'm being naiive or not. ,_,And, if I'm not being naiive, do you think that continuing this religously will eventually start to have some minimal payoff?
  8. First - let me apologize for an error in my previous post. The reason Symantic was there is because I had installed PC Anywhere (and, in my forget state of mind these years) I just forgot about it. Sorry. As for the reinstall - this was a fresh install - preceded by a reformat. However, I think myprevous error (about why I had symantic) may make this part of this thread moot.
  9. Jeez - I can't believe I'm such a dummy. You are right - i don't know HOW symantic got there. I didn't install it since I reformatted the drive and installed XP. Any thoughts? In any case, I will certanly go to add/remove and remove that symantic portion. Thanks again
  10. Hey - I can't believe I didn't think of it - perhaps it's becuse I haven't been using XP that long but - before I deal with the tricky removal suggestsions, would a simplre "restore" to a point before Mcafee - (maybe before ZA if I can find it) be of any use? Also - I didn't completely understand the suggestion about Monitor drivers. I guess that's DIFFERENT than the Nvidea driver for my video card? In either case, thaks SOOO much for all this advice. I think that somewhere in this will lie my solution. (Eith luck - I can get away with the restore points but we'll just see)
  11. ONe jmore symptom - in case it helps someone figure this out: One of the ways I notice it is that I can click on an application running in the task bar to restore it to my screen, but when I press it a second time, - it stays on the screen, instead of minimizing itself again on the second press. (And, when that happens, of course, I know I'm stuck again - no more task manager or ctrol alt delete - only a reboot. It seems to be happening much quicker now. I used to be able to run most of the day but now it has happened several times this morning already.
  12. Thanks sooooo much. here are my most recent results: TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...UTDLW0D66US1TLX I could go ahead and uninstlall zone alarm but if no one minds, I'll stumble through like this for a little while. I would THINK that I should be able to run ZA without loosing control periodically (or else they coldn't stay in business for long . . . right? or is that another false assumption?)
  13. This may help display my considerable ignorance - but might also help me understand something I only dimly understand. Isn't a PROXY SERVER something that can be set up anywhere - even on a home machine? And doesn't that somehow serve as a kind of intermediary between your computer and the web? And . . If that's so, would there be a way to use THAT to see what your kids are up to?
  14. darn darn and darn, yet again. Nope - i removed that patch but i still get loss of control. Maybe it DOES have something to do with Zona Allarm like another poster suggested. ANyone got any other bright ideas?
  15. boy oh boy oh boy - if that "removing the hotfix" thing works, I'll be SOOOOOO happy. (as for the previous poster who asked about zone alarm - yes - i do have it running. Perhaps this hotfix thing will fix it). The few questions I had are these - the list of "possibly adversly affected programs" where these: - a lot of aol stuff (I don't care) - symantec livereg and live update (sounds like a potential problem but it DOES still update.) - pure networks port magic (i don't even know what this is) - quick time (i don't care) - learn 2 player (not sure what this is) - teamspeak (i have and use this - we'll see) - viewpoint (again - not sure what this is) - ventrillo (i have and use this - we'll see) - pcanywhere (i have this - but don't use it enough to mind - we'll see) Comments on any of the above?
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