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  1. You might try cleaning it. It is very common for them to get dust in them. It doesn't take much dust in a laptop to restrict the airflow and cause overheating.
  2. You might try changing the refresh rate on your monitor. Control panel/display/advanced/monitor. Increase the setting a step at a time to see if it makes a difference. If it does, your monitor may be getting week. Increasing the refresh rate is a temp fix and may make your monitor fail faster.
  3. Please KNOW that you and your wife are in My prayers, Brandon. Seems like a lot of us are having to suffer unbarable pain lately..
  4. Remote Registry Service is standard and set to Automatic on Windows 2000 Professional (and XP Pro as well), and set to disabled using Black Viper's Safe list: http://www.blackviper.com/WIN2K/servicecfg.htm Another site for a Trojan scan: http://www.trojanscan.com/ And another site to check on those Running Programs listed in blue/purple & gray: http://www.answersthatwork.com/Tasklist_pa...es/tasklist.htm Hope all this helps WK... -kd5- I tried to run:http://www.trojanscan.com/ 4 times. Just as with any other virus scan, it freezes up the computer. :
  5. My PC is running very slow, it won't shut down and I can't run AVG. I think I have a trojan horse. Can someone please analyse my test results and offer some suggestions. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...B3NAWZR91USRCFX
  6. I got a IRC/BackDoor.SdBot Virus and Win32/Parite Virus. Every time that I try to download something to get rid of it. I get another virus. I haven't had a virus in years. I ran AVG and it said that it couldn't be removed. Anybody have any ideas? :help:
  7. One time, a '67 Chevy was towed in because it quit on the freeway. The towtruck driver parked the truck and one of my techs went out to check it out. He turned the key and there was a HUGE exposion. It blew the oil pan and valve covers off of the engine and started a large fire. Turns out that there was a hole in the fuel pump diaghram. The fuel pump filled the crankcase with gas. That turned the engine into a potential bomb. I guess the conditions were just right for ignition and it exploded. Never saw that before or since. --------------------------------------- In 1967 a customer broug
  8. Most cams have 5 bearing surfaces. As stated by Bruce, cams are made of hard, brittle (cast & tempered) steel. They do not bend, they break. They act kinda like glass, only they don't shatter. It doesn't take as much as one might think to break them. The sudden, severe, jar of a piston hitting a valve can do it. Even dropping one on the floor can do it, especially if there is a flaw in the casting (which is common). As for the $1,150, Bruce is right, that's a lot for just replacing the cam and belt. My guess is, they did pull the head off. In my opinion, it would be irresponsible n
  9. Although broken cams are rare, I have seen quite a few. They have always been on dual overhead cam engines. We ran 200 cars a day through our shop. That's 50,000 cars a year. I saw a lot of stuff that most people would never see. Whatever you do, DO NOT let them put a reground cam in that engine. Regrinds have a terrible reputation. If there is a "core charge" that would indicate a reground cam. New cams don't have a core charge. They're a little more expensive but worth the $. As for hearing the actual breaking of the cam, it is very unlikely that you would even notice it. It often
  10. I was a service manager at a car dealership for many years. I would have them pull the head off of that engine before you do anything else. There is a good chance that a valve is bent and possibly piston and/or rod damage. the way that the cam broke is because the piston came up and hit a valve. They should have told you of that possibilty at the shop, before they even started the job. They've got you up to $1,150 now. The problem is, where do you stop. They could very easily, piece-mill you up to $3000. They should have pulled the head first thing and given you a full inspec
  11. Rob, I'm glad to see that you have pleanty of support. You might even want to check with your city councel to see if there is a counseling center near by. I just joined a support group that meets every Wednesday evening. The entire group is comprised of people that have recently lost a spouse. People just sit around and share their experience and it gives you a chance to let your feelings out to people that are going through the same thing that you are. Family provides support, only on a certain level. There is no way that they can REALLY identify with what you are going through or what
  12. Volt, I just heard the tragic news. I lost my wife and first mate in February (married 37 years). I know that no one knows just how you feel, so I won't go there. They say that time heals the hurt. I just can't imagine that yet and I'm sure that you can't either. You'll just have to do what I have been doing.....one day at a time. As you know, I haven't posted since my loss. I just thought that I owe you, you've been a good friend. Hang in there. wkavery
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