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  1. Hi Guy's Just want to say thank you for your assistance. I took the computer back to the shop and got a full refund, my computer it seems had a total systems failure. Well I guess I had better start shopping again for a new PC, one thing I know is it wont be a HP Pavilion Elite! LOL Take care, Keith
  2. No absolutely nothing The computer is only 2 weeks old and is pretty much in its original out of box condition
  3. No Junk software Running Kaspersky Internet security and it is up to date, nothing shown in its logs As for heat I don't think so pc is very cool to the touch
  4. HI All, I bought a HP Pavilion Elite M9280 2 weeks ago and all was going fine until tonight. I was browsing the web and suddenly my computer became sluggish, so much so that I decided to re-boot my pc. Start up took almost 30mins to complete and programs that used to open instantly, like windows mail and IE, are now very slow to open up and respond as are other programs on the PC. The OS on my PC is vista home premium, I have 4GB of RAM, 1GB nVidia GeForce 9800 GT Graphics and a AMD Phenom Quad Core 9500 processor. Any idea of what the problem might be? Thanks in advance. Take care, Keith
  5. Hi All, I managed to track down what the problem was. I re-mapped my NAS drive yesterday and gave it the volume label G, well it seems the my PC assigns the letter G to mass storage devices like USB keys/xD picture cards etc. All I had to do was assign a new drive letter to my NAS drive and all was well and everything was working again as it should be. Take care, Keith
  6. HI All, I have a small problem, I went to download some pictures from my digi cam but the XD card was not recognised and my software failed to start up automatically, I also noticed that none of my USB storage keys are recognised either. All other connected USB products work fine, it is just the mass storage devices that do not. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Take care, Keith
  7. Well my RAM up-grade went well and without any problems. This is the first time I have done something like this so I was kind of worried I might have damaged my PC, I do have insurance but that still didn't stop me from worrying. The up-grade has made a huge difference to my PC, it was reasonably fast before but it has now gone from being 2nd place in a county race to Olympic gold LOL Thanks for everyones help and advice. Take care, Keith
  8. Thanks guy's, your advice is much appreciated. Take care, Keith
  9. Hi All, I have just bought 2 1GB sticks of RAM in order to upgrade my PC. I am wondering just how easy is it to up-grade my RAM, is it a case of just taking out the old sticks of RAM, inserting the new ones and then booting up my system? Or is there something else involved that I am not aware of? Any help or guidance would be much appreciated. Take care, Keith
  10. Did you install the printer software on the lap top as well?
  11. Hi, Try the following 1. Open outlook express and click on tools 2. Click on accounts 3. Select the account you are using and click on properties 4. Click on advanced 5. On this screen remove the checks from the boxes This server requires a secure connection for both Outgoing mail (SMTP) and Incoming mail (POP3).
  12. Right click on the Intel one and click enable and then disable the other one
  13. Hi Guys, I did as you suggested but I am afraid it did not work, however I have managed to fix my problem. When trying to re-install zone alarm I kept getting the same error message that it was unable to log into the true vector service, anyway I did a google search and it seems others were having similar problems. It seems that zone alarm had a folder in windows/system32/zonelabs which contained a file called vsmon.exe (I think thats what it was called) and it was suggested that the zonelabs file in system32 be deleted and then re-boot PC and try to install zone alarm again, I did that and it worked! I now have my zone alarm back and also my avast back after following Hawks advice about going to Windows Explorer/Local DiskC/Programs and looking for a folder for avast, there was one there which I deleted which solved the problem with avast not installing. Thanks for all your help guys, it is very much appreciated. Take care, Keith
  14. Hi Hawk, Un-installing PC guard is not the problem, I can Un-install it OK. The problem I have is that when I originally installed it it said that it needed to Un-install my AV and firewall that I already had which I allowed it to do. Having Un-installed PC guard I then tried to re-install the AN and firewall that I had been using previously, Avast and zone alarm, but they now both refuse to install. Hi JoeC, Thanks for the info about the reg cleaner but I am afraid I will not be trying that as I am not competent enough to know what I am doing so I do not really want to go mucking around in the reg. Thanks for the help guys. Take care, Keith
  15. Hi All, My ISP is Blueyonder (Telewest UK) and they sent me an email about there own anti virus and firewall program called PCguard so I thought I would download it and try it out. When it was downloading and setting up it said it needed to un-install my previous Firewall and anti virus program, Zone Alarm and Avast, which I agreed to let it do. After trying out PCguard I decided I did not like it and downloaded Zone Alarm and Avast again and tried to re-install them after removing PCguard, both of them refuse to install, when I click on the install exe for them both they just hang and refuse to install. I want rid of PC guard and want Zone Alarm and Avast back Any help with this problem will be greatly appreciated. Take care, Keith
  16. HI Brandon, Just read your post and I have to say well done for posting, it takes a lot of courage to post something like that. You have just earned my respect and have gone up in my estimations 100% Take care, Keith
  17. I don't know what picture you are looking at Bruce but it isn't the one in this thread
  18. Your wrong Bruce it is very much a real picture.
  19. A few psychology courses in college does not make someone qualified to pass judgement on weather someone was or is mentally ill. I am sure the jury after listening to all the evidence will reach what thye feel is the right decision
  20. I am still seeing the smiley central add. This screen shot was taken of the top of this thread about 3 mins ago
  21. Nice idea Bruce and nice pictures to Thank for doing this Take care, Keith
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